• Tasty Hint: Add Fresh Mint & Honey to Your Teatox

    This is my favourite way to enjoy our Skinny Teatox evening tea. I steep the tea bag for about 5 minutes (for some people this is too long, 1-3 minutes is just fine), then I add fresh mint and a little bit of honey! Gorgeous! 

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  • Our New 28 Day Teatox Morning Tea Packaging

    Today we finally got our new 28 Day Teatox morning tea packaging! Here's a sneak peak: 

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  • Try Tease Tea for Every Day Tea Drinking

    When you're not doing a teatox, you should still make tea drinking a regular part of your healthy lifestyle. We've partnered with our friends at Tease Tea to offer you some delicious 'every day' tea for any and all occasions.

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  • 14 Day Teatox Video Review

    Here's a wondeful video review of our 14 Day Teatox:

    Do you want to review our products? Learn more about receiving a free review sample of our product here

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  • What the f$&%*# is a TEATOX?

    Teatox Definition

    A new term used to describe a "detox tea" system to help individuals lose weight. Most teatox systems come with both a morning tea which increases energy levels and metabolism, and an evening tea which is a colon cleanse. The evening tea is the main part of a 'teatox' and often contains senna leaf, a natural mild laxative, which detoxifies the body. Skinny Teatox is a popular teatox company in the United States and Canada. Others operate out of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

    Common Benefits of Teatox

    Most teatox systems claim the following results: 

    • Weight loss
    • Boosted metabolism
    • Colon cleanse
    • Detox
    • Suppressed appetite
    • Increased energy levels
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    We're giving away some FREE 14 Day Teatox kits! Here's how to enter: 

    1. Tweet to our website (either our homepage, product page, or this blog post)
    2. Be sure to include @Skinny_Teatox so we can see that you Tweeted
    3. That's it :-)

    Next week, we will choose winners at random and notify you via Twitter! Good luck to everyone who participates! 

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  • Tiny Tea Teatox

    Are you thinking about doing a Teatox? Great idea! Now if you live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, France or Germany, we always suggest you use Skinny Teatox, but since they don't ship everywhere in the world, we're often asked which brand to go with. To help our teatox fans out, we decided to review the two brands we recommend most. 

    Your Tea's teatox line "Tiny Tea" is a popular teatox choice. Here's what you need to know: 

    Tiny Tea Review

    Tiny Tea is sold by a company called Your Tea. They too are based out of Australia but have offices around the world. They sell a similar product to SkinnyMe Tea and Skinny Teatox. Here is our review of Tiny Tea. 

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    Thanks to all our amazing supporters for an amazing year. We couldn't have done it without you. Love you all. Now go out and have fun, make some noise, drink Champagne, then... go to the gym in the morning. :-) 

    Love you all, 


    Skinny Teatox xoxo

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  • 2014: The Year to Get Fit

    What's your New Years Resolution going to be? Make 2014 the year you get healthy, slim your waist and feel great.

    There are NO EXCUSES.

    Let this be your inspiration: 

    Here's your New Years Resolution list: 

    1. Eat nutritious foods: Stop eating junk and stop overeating.
    2. Get physically in shape: Exercise on a regular basis. 
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  • Win a Free Gorgeous Tea Cup & a 14 Day Teatox Pack!!!!

    Hey Skinny Teatox Friends, 

    This week we're having a CONTEST where you can win a beautiful 100 year-old teacup and saucer, along with a free 14 Day Teatox pack! Check out this beauty: 


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