How Grapefruit Will Help You Lose Weight

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)

When I say grapefruit one of two things may happen. You may twist your mouth and make a disgusted noise, or you may jump with joy and smile. It’s a known fact grapefruit is not for everyone.

Whether you’re one of those people who can’t resist to sprinkle some sugar on top of it or eat it raw, you have to admit that it’s one of the healthiest fruits you can eat - especially if you’re looking to lose weight!

Some reasons it’s one of the best fruits out there is because it’s packed with vitamins and not only that, but it offers a lot of other amazing benefits.

Here’s a list of some of the amazing benefits mentioned before:

Helps With Weight Loss

Grapefruit is loaded with fiber, which helps you stay full for longer and that can help with mindless snacking throughout the day. Don’t feel guilty for eating it too because a serving of one grapefruit is roughly only 55-75 calories! What else helps with weight loss? A high metabolism, which grapefruits help boost!

Promotes a Healthy Heart

Want to have a breakfast that’s packed with amazing heart health benefits? Pair oatmeal with half a grapefruit, seriously. Having a grapefruit a day can possibly lead to lower cholesterol! Grapefruits are filled with potassium too, which have the power to risk heart disease.

Helps with Constipation

If you’re ever feeling a bit constipated try adding a glass of grapefruit juice to your morning routine! The juice helps with stimulating your colon and other body parts that are in charge of your digestive system. The fiber count in grapefruit also will help with constipation. Our Skinny Teatox Detox Evening Tea is also perfect for occasional constipation, so you can try that too. 

Great for the Skin

Grapefruit has vitamins in it, which, in turn, help the skin fight any damage that may be caused from the sun. Along with that, it helps reduce wrinkles and smooth skin! Have any dark patches you want to get rid of? Try mixing a tiny bit of the juice with some sugar and rub it on your skin! It’s been known to help fade spots. Just don’t apply it to your face because it will irritate. Green tea is also good for the skin - check out some more health benefits of green tea here

Boosts your Immune System

I keep repeating myself when I mention how grapefruits are packed with vitamins. What vitamin is it? It’s vitamin C, which strengthens and supports our immune system! Avoid those weather-transitioning colds by adding half a grapefruit into your day to help boost those vitamin levels!

Grapefruits provide more than just the five benefits I listed, they help prevent and control diseases like diabetes and cancer. They even can help with stress!

Don’t worry about them not being in season because they’re available throughout the year. So next time you’re grocery shopping and see grapefruit, grab one and see if you like it! If you’re not sure how to eat it, simply cut it in half and sprinkle either sugar or salt on it and enjoy!

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  • Grapefruit lover says...

    I’m a grapefruit freak trust me I got so into it back in 2012 and can’t live without it! I usually drink its juice(peels/ blender/ water ) first thing in the morning and before going to bed ..that helps to shred fat and do all this blog said, It’s interesting you say it’s available throughout the year but right now I can’t find anywhere usually happens around April/August so Me gutted about it

    April 22, 2022

  • Adre says...

    Wow great to know, I have a friend who always eats grapefruit and I always hated it growing up because it was bitter, but I have to give it some credit now that I know what it can do to help boots you health!

    April 21, 2022

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