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5 Simple Health Hacks to Help You Lose Weight

5 Simple Health Hacks to Help You Lose Weight

It’s complicated and time consuming enough to have to meal prep healthy food, fit in your workouts and make time to stay on track with your healthy habits like drinking lemon water and sweating regularly. 

So when we can make it easier in other regards and adopt a few hacks to aid in weight loss, we certainly aren’t going to shy away from it. 

Here are 5 simple hacks to aid in your weight loss journey that won’t take a lot of extra time and effort!

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7 Easy Ways to Shred Bra Bulge (Back Fat)

It’s summer time, which means it's bathing suit, crop top, and tank top time too!

What it isn’t time for is to have stubborn bra bulge.

You know what it is... it’s that fatty area that hangs over unattractively when trying to rock a cute strapless dress.

What’s even worse is adding back fat into the mix – it’s a problem for those trying to wear cute bathing suits or summer tops.

Well now it’s time to take charge!

Burn off the fat and build up muscle and look extremely adorable for a nice day on the beach or a night out with these 7 moves that are sure to help fight the bra bulge and back fat. 

You can also check out my favourite video on bra bulge:

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25 Ways to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

25 Ways to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Do you want to burn some fat & lose some weight this year? We put together an exhaustive list of 25 ways to help you get the body you want. Some tips involve diet, others fitness, some just lifestyle. Print this out and put it on your refrigerator or keep it at your desk to keep you motivated and remind you of all the ways you can work toward your goal!

Check out these 25 tips to help you burn fat and lose weight: 

1. HIIT exercises

High Intensity Interval Training involves all out intense levels of fitness for a short period of time, followed by a short rest. The idea is that your body has to enter anaerobic threshold during your periods of work, thereby working harder and burning more calories with minimal recovery. Try a 2:1 ratio, with 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of recovery. Repeat 8-10 times and feel the burn!

2. Healthy fats

Fats insulate our body, keep our digestive tract lubricated and properly functioning and help us feel satiated. Not to mention, they are great for having healthy skin, nails and hair. Adding regular doses of healthy fat to your diet keep you feeling full and prevent you from overeating.

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How to Get Bigger Boobs Without a Pushup Bra or Padding

By: Kenzie Thomson

I know ladies who, like me, are a little more... well, endowed than some. It is a constant struggle to not feel like my bra buddies are hanging to the floor. On the flip side of that, I have a few girlfriends who have always wanted to have a little extra ‘oomf’ on top.

Where do we get better boobs without the use of a pushup bra or padding? 

Here are three EASY exercises to do at home or the gym that will give that little extra perk you are looking for!re muscles! Remember to keep your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor, your spine straight and keep your stomach tensed to get the most out of this exercise! 

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5 "At Home" Yoga Poses to Help You Get Slim Legs


Not only is having core strength vital for a good yoga workout, (check out 4 Easy Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Core and Tighten Your Abs) but having leg strength is just as important too.

Not only are legs the root of our bodies, but also they are the roots of most yoga poses.

They provide us with support and balance too.

Strengthening the legs will not only be beneficial towards a stronger yoga practice, but it can help with other forms of activity – like running or dancing.

Plus, toned legs are perfect to work for, since it is summer!

Check out these 5 moves to help get on the track of a better yoga practice and sexy, lean legs!

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