Teatox Reviews: Bootea Vs. Tiny Tea Vs. Skinny Teatox Vs. Queen B Vs. Skinny Tea

Are you curious about doing a teatox but not sure which to choose? There's a lot of different teatox's out there these days, so we've done in-depth reviews of your options (so you don't have to). 

Here are the in-depth reviews of the following teatox's: 

Each different teatox above has different pros and cons that you should be aware of. Now obviously 90% of the time we recommend Skinny Teatox, but we don't ship everywhere and we feel it's only fair to recommend some awesome alternatives as well, so be sure to check out the teatox reviews to make an informed decision. 



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Oct 02, 2016

I’ve tried Boo-tea and was having to run to the toilet all day with severe stomach cramps. Not a great feeling when you are at work!! I now something use Skinny Time Tea which has no laxatives. This skinny tea works great. Makes me feel good n helps me lose weight.

Tania C
Aug 18, 2016

Can I have while breastfeeding?

Safiya Arfan
Mar 30, 2016

Teatox’s aren’t for everybody. I had the 28 day Bootea teatox, I lost 30 pounds and did not work out or watch what I ate. I DID have to use the bathroom after using the night time tea, but it was nothing extreme at all, just had to go like normal. But other than that minor thing, everything about it was prefect. But my best friend tried it and every morning and night drinking it she would throw up and her stomach would hurt really bad. Which is why I say that teatox’s are NOT for everybody and not everyone will experience weightloss from it.

Mar 12, 2016

I want to know the difference from skinny tea and the skinny mint!!! I get that one is more but will I get the same results with either one !!! To lose weight!!!

Oct 02, 2015

skinny tea did nothing

Jul 01, 2015

I’ve tried Boo-tea and Skinny Teatox, during both teatoxes I was running 10 miles 4 days a week and lifting heavy weights and I was eating my usual healthy vegetarian diet. Boot-tea didn’t work at all for losing weight, I felt uncomfortable to leave my house incase a bathroom wasn’t directly below my feet, I lost some self esteem though. I tried Skinny Teatox a few weeks later and the results were quite amazing. I lost 10lbs, my muscle was more prominent and skin started to clear up. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable. I had lots of energy from the morning tea, then a lovely visit to the bathroom in the morning after drinking the evening tea the night before. I haven’t tried the other teas but I believe, for me at least, that Skinny Teatox’s Detox Teas are the best by far, slightly pricey but definitely worth the money. Thank you! x

Mar 24, 2015

Agreed with Kaitlyn. I tried all these teas that are in the market place, and I found most gave me stomach pains, as they use forms of laxatives in their teas to help with weightloss. I used the toilet all day and had to take a day off work. Sure, I lost weight but it came with the price. If you eat and drink right get enough exercise you don’t need any these detox tea, they were so very expensive.
Now, I enjoy tea, and I stick with Chinese green tea or indian Ayurvedic teas, since they also help in fighting other symptoms in addition to weight loss and are actually healthy. Thanks all and good luck.

Jeffrey J.
Nov 23, 2014

I used the 14-day Tiny Tea Tea Tox. Of all of the teatoxs out there this is definitely the healthiest. But aside from that it does not really do anything for weight or figure, as they all don’t. Without working out or eating proper you will see 0 results. The funny thing is that just by eating healthy and working out alone – without the tea- will give you the same results. Save yourselves the money and just forget about the tea OR substitute for green tea, way cheaper and does the same thing. Hope this helps!

Kaitlyn M

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