• 5 Ways to Exercise & Get Healthy for Free

    You don't need to spend a fortune on an expensive gym membership and you don't need the newest Nike running shoes to get fit. Too many people blame a lack of money (and time) on their inability to get healthy. But, not anymore! Here are five ways to workout for free. 

    1. Go on YouTube

    Every personal trainer in the world has their own YouTube channel, many of which offering excellent free workout videos. Our favorite by far is Cassey Ho's Blogilates - she specializes in exercises you can do at home, and it's all absolutely free. You don't even NEED a yoga mat to do these exercises, although a mat does make it much more comfortable. 

    2. Hit the Library

    Your local library is a very under-utilized resource. Did you know that most stock dozens of modern health and fitness magazines? Not to mention tons of books that will help you lose weight. Check out your library and go home with a stack of magazines and books to inform and inspire you. 

    3. Join a League

    A lot of community centres have free sports leagues that you can join. If they're not free, they are often very inexpensive. Sports and recreational activities are a cost-effective way to live an active lifestyle. 

    4. Make Healthy Friends

    Find a buddy to get healthy with you. It can be someone at school or work, or even a family member. You can workout together, trade healthy recipes, or even get together Sunday afternoons to cook big healthy meals for the upcoming week. 

    5. Run or Step Outside

    This..... is a no brainer. Guys, just go outside and jog to get lots of free exercise. Humans have been doing it for thousands of years. If you're just beginning, run for one minute, then walk for one minute. It's okay to start small and build up as you get used to it. Also try finding a local stadium or maybe even your apartment building, and walk the stairs. Stepping burns a HUGE amount of calories and it also tones your butt and legs. 

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