• 10 Clever Tips to Help You Get a Flat Tummy

    Guys, nothing comes easy. You know that by now. I won't lie and say "here are 10 ways to get a 6-pack overnight" because it's impossible. Getting that flat tummy you want is hard work. But, there are a few little tips that some super-healthy friends shared with me that will make your life a little easier. 

    1. Avoid Processed Cereal: Instead of cereal, try waking up to a fat-burning breakfast like some steamed vegetables (yes, veggies for breakfast are AMAZING for you), topped with a couple of organic eggs (the protein is key here). 

    2. Eat 6 Small Meals Per Day: Don't eat three square meals a day. That's old fashioned and not considered healthy anymore. Instead, eat smaller meals throughout the day. 

    3. Stop Eating So Much Sugar: I knowwwww this is going to be difficult, but seriously everyone, you have to take it easy on the sugar. No ingredient has done more damage to human health than sugar in the past yeas. It can also affect your skin, making it puffy and inflamed looking. If you want tight abs, cut down on how much sugar you consume. 

    4. Swap Some Grains for Greens: I'm not saying do away with carbs or grains all together. Not at all. Just every now and then (at some point every day), instead of reaching for a carb, reach for a vegetable instead. 

    5. Embrace Flax: You don't even need very much. Just a couple tablespoons of ground (not whole) flax seeds per day is perfect for you. It helps you stay or become regular (makes you poop), but it also has tons of vitamins and minerals, helps with PMS, and all sorts of things. 

    6. Don't Get Rid of Fat: This sounds counterintuitive, I know. But, we MUST eat fat to burn fat. That's just how it works. The metabolic system requires fat as a fuel to drive your entire fat burning system. Go for healthy fats, like avocados, nuts, seeds and fish. 

    7. Drink LOTS of Water: How much is lots? Well, experts these days are saying about 3.5 litres per day. 

    8. Do a Teatox: Try a teatox. Skinny Teatox is a 100% natural detox tea program that promotes good health and weight loss. The morning tea kickstarts your metabolism, and the evening tea will cleanse and detoxify your colon. Start with a 14 day and see how it goes.  

    9. Be Honest With Yourself: This sounds weird but it is soooooo important. It's too easy to kid yourself into thinking you're doing something healthy, or you deserve an extra cheat day, or you worked hard and deserve that piece of cake. Make strong goals and follow them. And if you mess up on your diet or fitness routine, that's okay, but admit it and deal with the consequences.  

    10. Invest in Your Health: Don't cheap out on your health. When you go to the grocery store, don't be stupid and buy a whole bunch of super expensive stuff, but at the same time, you need to realize that healthy food costs a little more sometimes. And that's a sacrifice that's worth every penny. 

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