4 Easy Waist Slimming Exercises

There is much buzz surrounding the waist trainers and corsets. It’s a new, and well received, way of reducing the waistline and helping tone your midsection. The main idea is to wear the corset/waist trainer during your workouts, and it’ll begin to help target those core muscles between your hips and ribcage.

Not only is a great thing to be stabilizing and strengthening you core, but also at the same time, using a corset/waist trainer helps ease strain in your back. However, the biggest, and popular reason to use one is to achieve that gorgeous hourglass figure.

But don’t think this is all you’ll need to do to achieve that look. Many things go into losing weight like a balanced diet, cardio, and strength training. If you’re not accustomed to working out regularly, start by doing some cardio exercises first which will help you lose fat and increase that metabolism.

So what type of workouts can be done while using your waist trainer? Let’s look:

Side Plank Dips

This move definitely is one of the best to target your obliques. If you’re unable to get on your legs, stay on your knees until you’ve built the strength up. It’s perfect for not only cinching the fat on your waist, but you’re getting a great workout in your shoulders and your legs.

Bicycle Crunches

Another workout that targets your obliques – the added bonus to bicycle crunches is it also targets your abdominals too! Add this into any workout you’re currently doing to get that extra burn for your core.

Six Minute "Sexy Waist" Workout

If you’re crunched for time (no pun intended) there’s other quick ways to get a good workout in that is specifically for your waist.

Pilate’s instructor, Cassey Ho (who runs Blogilates) has a great and quick six-minute workout to help with shrinking your waist. Along with that quickie, she also has another waist slimming routine that is worth trying out.

FitnessBlender Easy Ab & Oblique Workout

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