5 Ways to Stick to Your Healthy New Years Resolutions

Now that you’ve set your resolutions (here are 6 ways to create healthy resolutions!) and have your goals lined up for 2016, it’s time to put your plan into action.

This year, don’t let your resolutions be another failed attempt to lose that 20 pounds you’ve been trying to get rid of since 2014. Instead, use these tips to make sure your new year’s resolutions stick and you reap the success of all your efforts:

Write it down

It’s one thing to say your goal or resolution, but it’s another thing to put it in words on paper. Writing things down makes them seem more serious, more legitimate and more committed. This year, make your resolutions most likely to be successful by writing down specifically what your goal is, how you are going to measure to know you have achieved it, and when you are hoping to achieve it by. This makes your plan more of a deadline and gives you something to adhere to to make sure you stay on track.

Tell everybody about it

Don’t just write your resolution down in your journal, put it in the drawer and call it a day. Tell everybody about it. Or at least tell people about it who you know are going to hold you accountable, be your support network and keep you on track. Achieving anything big goals like weight loss or a complete diet overhaul requires the right support to do it, and nobody will be there to support you if they don’t know you are doing it in the first place.

Make reminders for yourself in lots of places

Do you tend to fall off track when you open the cupboard where you used to store the chips? Do you talk badly to yourself when you look in the mirror, even thought you are working on your goals? Whatever the case may be, put post it reminders in those places – both to remind you to stay on track, and to remind you that you are a good person, who is making some changes and is on the right track to becoming your best, happiest and healthiest self!

Start today

Sometimes we get too caught up in the formalities of new years resolutions and don’t start them until January 1, or wait until the week after when family has left, or until we finish all the leftover holiday treats etc. etc. etc. Stop using these things as excuses and start now. If you know you want to lose weight or start exercising, why wait longer? Start today! This includes things like purging your cupboards of all the foods you know you shouldn’t eat, or scheduling in workouts ahead of time for the next few weeks. Whatever you have to do to get yourself on track for success, today is the day!

Track your progress and reward yourself along the way

It’s one thing to set a resolution with the end goal and just gun it for the end, but it can be really discouraging if your goal takes a long time to achieve (like lose 50 pounds). Instead, break your goal up and have little goals within the main one (like lose 10 pounds by the middle of February). Track your progress and reward yourself appropriately for each mini goal to keep you motivated and on track to your larger goal!

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Chronicles of Passion & Facebook) 

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