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    • stephanie Gall says...

      This would be absolutely amazing !! I’ve been looking for a tea tox for my lifestyle and would love this:)

      On December 09, 2021

    • Atia says...

      I completed a 28 day teatox a month ago. I loved it so much I submitted my results (which are now on the B&A tab on the website), and I ordered my second round. I convinced my husband to try it with me. I can’t wait to see what the second round will look like, and to show that the teatox is for men too! I am such a firm believer of this product! 3+ of my friends have taken the plunge and are trying it for their first time too! To win this would be such a huge honor, best of luck to all those who enter! <3

      On December 09, 2021

    • Hannah Dawn Madigan says...

      It’s not letting me sign in for some reason, so I’m super bummed I might not win. :(

      However, I would love to bop around town in some Lululemon, sipping my teatox! :)

      On December 09, 2021

    • Alex Ow says...

      Patiently waiting for my buy one get one free 28 day teatox to arrive! Going to do a review when it comes!

      On December 09, 2021

    • Shelby Roberts says...

      I would love to win this! Always busy with school and would love to start working on me!

      On December 09, 2021

    • Ranique says...

      Please pick me!!! I’d to get back into a healthy lifestyle.& your product seems like it would be a perfect fit for me. Plus workout gear would be a great motivator to look amazing in it

      On December 09, 2021

    • Fallon Spohr says...

      What a great offer! Who doesn’t want to feel great drinking a great product, and look amazing in some fantastic apparel?! This is a great time of the year to boost your confidence on multiple levels. I would be thrilled to win :)

      On December 09, 2021

    • dakota tenbrinke says...

      I would love to win this! I finally got to try skinny tea for my first time and I fell inlove, nothing better then starting the new year with some lulu lemon gear and new tea!! Good luck to everyone and thank you :)

      On December 09, 2021

    • Ranique Jones says...

      I really hope I win. This would be a boost for me to get back on track& would be a wonderful gift for myself. This would be truly amazing to have. Please pick me!!!!! Please Please!!!!! This would be awesome

      On December 09, 2021

    • Victoria says...

      It was be so great to win, i’ve always wanted to try teatox so this would be a great chance! Also some workout gear would come im handy as well. -Thanks!

      On December 09, 2021

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