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Dec 08, 2014

I love lulu lemon

Dec 08, 2014

I love lulu lemon

Dec 08, 2014

I would love to win this because I am a single mom raising 2 boys, 1 in University and 1 in grade 11. I have no other source of income except my job as a hairstylist. So any extra money, goes to my boys. If I get Lulu clothing, it’s second hand. It would be so nice to win a brand that I love so much, new!! This would be an awesome treat!! <3

Vikki Wilson
Dec 08, 2014

I think the lulu stuff is awesome and would love to win the skinny teatox products too….

Dec 08, 2014

All I wear is Lulu Lemon so this would be wonderful to recieve before Christmas time.

Courtney Abraham
Dec 07, 2014

Getting this would be a dream come true and a Christmas miracle :)

Dec 05, 2014

Want to win this so bad – looks amazing! Would be boshing the gym in style for a change. Need some decent stuff.

Alexandria Dolan
Dec 03, 2014

I love lululemon products and would love to win your contest!

Dec 01, 2014

I’m dying for more/new motivation with my workout however it’s slow season at work so money is tight at the moment. This could sincerely help me towards my goals I’m SO close to my goal body before New Years thank goodness for once!


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