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    Skinny Teatox Review

    I adore tea, especially experimenting with different flavours; from spicy to more tender yet elegant notes tea can be poetic, passionate and eloquent as well as nutritious.

    Fairly recently, I found out about Skinny-Teatox ( ). Skinny-Teatox is a Canadian brand that produces natural detox tea programs; which claim to aid weight loss, burn calories, boost metabolism, cleanse, detoxify, suppress appetite and increase energy levels.

    Skinny-Teatox products contain the following ingredients: tea leaves and stems, malva verticellata, cassia angustifolia (senna leaf), cascara sagrada, arctostaphylos una ursi, ginseng, licorice, chrysanthemun, cinnamon bark, cloves, yeba mate and ginger.

    Skinny-Teatox offers different teatox kits ranging from 7 days, to 14 days and 28 days. The teatox kit comes with two types of teas; the morning tea that energizes your body, boosts your metabolism and suppresses your appetite and the evening tea that detoxifies your body.

    The morning tea feels naturally refreshing and invigorating; the taste is very intense and bestir and the flower petals give the tea a touch of elegance, an ideal way to start your morning revelry.

    The evening tea has a slightly bitter-sweet taste. The tea contains senna, a purgative herb which is used as a laxative.

    I followed the 14 day program for the day tea and I found this quite pleasant. I combined the teatox tea with organic vegetables in juices, organic Greek honey and organic pure stevia leaves and I found it quite delicious. However, the evening tea was a little too strong for me so I used it in moderation.

    During my teatox, I drank vegetable juices and I continued to eat all my meals which included a lot of organic vegetables, meat, fish, fruits and my favourite chia seeds and oats. I also continued to exercise and I continued with my weight lifting and cardio regime. I really enjoyed my 14 day kit and in particular the packaging which is simple and neat and the strawberry silicone tea infuser strainer which came in handy when I was making my tea at work.

    The Skinny-Teatox website is very informative and there is also an interesting FAQ section which provides advice on the Skinny-Teatox, in terms of what foods to eat and what foods to avoid during the teatox. The Skinny-Teatox website also takes you through important information that you need to be aware of especially if you are taking any medication or if you follow a particular diet.

    It is quite refreshing to see a company with detox programs that emphasize herbal drink options, healthy eating and at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. It is also quite interesting to see this shift from the “zero calorie culture” to a more healthy and organic natural herbal remedies with an emphasis on healthy eating. Additionally, I was quite pleased to see that Skinny-Teatox acknowledges that permanent weight loss requires a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits and a healthy approach to exercising.

    I really enjoyed my teatox and I am now keen to try the Skinny Teatox Mint and the Chocolate Energy Tea. I would recommend the Skinny-Teatox however, I would highlight that it is important to follow a mindful approach as with any detox; keep a positive body image, love yourselves and your bodies and let me know your thoughts about your teatox and my ‘Let’s Blast Away Fat’ Juice with Skinny-Teatox

    Let’s Blast Away Fat Juice with Skinny Teatox

    A juice drink that helps you burn calories and feeds your body with vitamins and minerals. The drink is very high in calcium, dietary fiber, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A and also high in Vitamin B6 and thiamin.


    1 Cup Kale

    1 Cup Celery

    1 Cup Parsley

    Juice from 1 Lemon

    1 cup of Skinny Teatox Tea (Morning Tea)


    Blend all the ingredients together, I mixed mine using a nutribullet.

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