• Amazing 14 Day Skinny Teatox Reviews

    A huge thanks to Rafaela and Destiny for writing awesome reviews during and after their 14 Day Teatox's!!

    14 Day Teatox Review 

    By: Rafaela Michailidou

    "To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to try Skinny Teatox, as I had previously tried similar teatox brands and all left me with a bloated stomach and (pardon me) constipation. I was wonderfully surprised with Skinny Teatox! Since the first day, I felt more alive, i had a lot of energy (essential for my exam period) and my bloating disappeared! The taste is delicious which is definitely a plus and I noticed that my appetite was reduced, resulting is consuming fewer calories and actually dropping a dress size in the first 4 days! It doesn't leave you with a yo-yo effect; even though I finished it (planning to buy more) my appetite is still reduced and my digestion system is settled down.

    Of course it should be noted that Skinny teatox should be accompanied with a balanced diet and a little bit of exercise, but if it had those extraordinary results on me (i eat healthy but binge-eat sometimes and I only workout 30 minutes every other day) then it can do the same for you! It's a change of life and it doesn't feel so 'estranged' or diet-y because it is tea! What could be better? I strongly recommend this tea and not any other teatox in the market, my body is so capricious but now it seems to me that it's found its master!

    Great teatox and just in time for summer holidays! Trust me, nothing is worst that having to go on the beach feeling bloated and knowing that your extended tummy is not a result of your overeating, but of your body being upset!

    Oh, also I am 22 years old:) xxxxx" (Rafaela Michailidou, May 17, 2022)

    14 Day Teatox Review

    By: Destiny

    "I have 3 days left of my 14 day textbox and I definitely see a difference! I can tell my stomach is getting slimmer and my boyfriend even notices! I am not as bloated as I used to be and I have a lot of energy! The morning tea tastes really good it's like a typical tea taste. The evening tea isn't the best but IT WORKS! Be careful and watch how long you steep the tea for don't forget about it on accident like I did you will have the wrath of the tea! Overall I am so happy I had a chance to try this tea and I would definitely want to try what the 28 day teatox could do! :) I am so happy thank you!"

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    • Samantha says...

      Hi :) I recently bought the tea and I had no clue that the day tea was going to not be in bags. Is there a way to order it in the bags because making my own bags is too much and the stores near me only sell little metal leaf tea holders and some of the herbs fall through the holes of the holder.

      On July 09, 2022

    • Kendra S says...

      Hi, I would love to try this product, the only questions I have are: are these teas gluten free? And also the night tea could it be sent as a loose tea as some tea bags are not gluten free?

      Look forwards to a reply :) thanks!

      On May 25, 2022

    • Lyan says...

      Hi there, I’m thinking of purchasing the 14 days detox and cleansing package, but I am a little confuse on how to take it, am I suppose to drink the detox on and the cleansing one both in one day? Haha seems like a silly question but I’m new to all this detox and cleansing product. But I am excited to purchase these products once so know how to use them!

      On May 19, 2022

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