A Low Calorie Guide to Dining Out

By: Vicki Bolen 

When you are to trying to eat well, dining out can make even the most disciplined of heathy eaters, cheat. I’ve compiled a list of tips and low calorie meal options that will satisfy your taste buds, and your waistline!

1. Don’t make the mistake of being naïve; never take menu options at face value. For the longest time I ordered the Hibachi Chicken Skewers from TGI Friday’s, I thought, “Chicken, rice, pita bread – HEALTHY!” little did I know it was just under 1300 calories! MAJOR FAIL! That was my whole days’ worth of calories in just one meal! Now I know, just because a dish contains healthy ingredients, doesn’t mean its low calorie. Restaurants load their entrees with butter, salt, and who knows what else! Be the person who knows what your meal is made of! You’ll be thinner for it.

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8 Tips to Supercharge Your Metabolism To Get Skinny

By: Cennet Julia Tezgel 

Most people assume that slimmer people will have a higher metabolism, but that is not true. People who are bigger need a higher metabolism because they require more energy as they have a bigger heart and organs for example a big car requires more fuel compared to a small care.

Slimmer individuals would see that they have less body mass to support; weight loss can result in a decline in metabolic rate and result in finding it hard to lose weight and get stuck in the plateau cycle. 

What is the metabolism?

The metabolism is a very essential and useful function of your body. The metabolism is a process where our cells break down food in a chemical reaction, and this is what breaks it down into energy in order for our bodies to complete vital function such as the digestion of food, transferring nutrients to energy and necessary functions such as breathing and heart rate.

It can also be broken down into two categories:

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Lauren The CanEhdn Reviews Skinny Teatox

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6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence at the Gym

By: Sarah Gerbig

Do you find the gym a little intimidating or even frightening? To be fair, a building full of strange machines and overly-buff dudes, is not exactly an inviting environment. But with a little bit of pump-up music and these tips, soon you'll be able to confidently strut to the gym like a regular!

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Healthy Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

By: Emma Rose Crockett 

Kate Moss, the queen of the fashion world, revealed her motto as, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” While it does feel great to fit into your skinny jeans without imagining you’re about to pop a seam, healthy definitely tastes as good, if not better, than skinny feels. 

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$1,000 Makeup & Skinny Teatox Giveaway

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Congratulations Amy Heffernan on Winning the Skinny Teatox & VS Giveaway!

Big congrats to Amy Heffernan for winning a whole bunch of Skinny Teatox and Victoria's Secret products! Lucky girl! 

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5 Reasons to Work Out That Have Nothing to do With Weight Loss

By: Heloise Vuong

Working out might seem like a drag sometimes and let’s admit it- we’ve all butchered our workout session a couple of times here and there. Exercising regularly can be tough, but it’s totally worth the effort! Although physical activity is crucial to a healthy weight loss and to maintaining weight, it has many other unexpected physical and mental benefits. Whether you’re a gym rat or more of a mall-walker, these benefits kick in regardless of your fitness level, only 30 minutes a few times a week can let you benefit from all this goodness, so get inspired to live a healthier and happier lifestyle through these 5 extra reasons to workout:

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10 Healthy Food Choices for the Busy Student

By: Sophie DeBlois

Nowadays, the typical college student lives in a busy environment filled with lack of sleep, caffeine overloads, and plenty of junk food. Like many of my peers, it’s hard to find time to balance out healthy food choices and planning time for physical activity. Universities around the United States and other countries have set meal plans for students that can often make healthy choices difficult by being filled with pizza, cheesy pasta and sugary sweets. Thankfully, many dining halls are changing gears and making healthier options available for their students.

Being a senior now, I feel that I have discovered plenty of options at dining halls or your local super markets to add to your diet to help you lose a few pounds or just to feel better overall. Look for these foods in your cafeteria or local market. Some grocery stores have student discounts to help make groceries more affordable.

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Skinny Isn't Always Healthy: 4 Common Misconceptions About Being Thin

By: Kayla Marie 

By social standards, if you’re thin and lightweight, you’re healthy. That makes sense, right? Wrong. We live in a society that emphasizes being skinny. In fitness advertisements, thin models are used. In cosmetic and clothing advertisements, thin models are used. It’s no wonder that many of us associate being healthy and beautiful with being skinny and weighing less. Even the name of this brand and product, "Skinny Teatox," is guilty. But the truth is, being skinny does not equate to being healthy, and being healthy does not necessarily equate to being skinny.

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