Is Waist Training Still a Thing?

is Waist training still a thing?

There hasn’t been as much coverage of waist training on social media as of late, and I keep getting questions asking if waist training is still relevant. The answer is hands down YES! The reason that we aren’t seeing as much buzz about it is because it’s not all that new anymore. People are now more aware of the benefits of waist training, so it’s not as foreign of an idea.

Plenty of celebs like the Kardashian/Jenner sisters and Amber Rose still use their waist trainers on the regular. But in case you’ve forgotten, let’s brush up on some of the benefits of using a waist trainer regularly!

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5 Ways to Get Perfect V-Lines (Obliques)

how to get obliques

Everyone is talking about getting those V-lines, but aren’t really sure what muscles to target in order to work toward that. Those V-lines are created by your obliques that run diagonally from your ribs to your pelvic bones. They do more than just create nice lines to show off at the beach though - they’re put to use each time you twist or bend to the side.

Below are a handful of great exercises that you can do to target your obliques:

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