Summer Workouts: 6 Non-Swimming Pool Exercises Designed to Burn Fat

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter) 

The weather is hot and that sometimes inhibits people from getting outside and doing intense workouts. Don’t sweat it because if you’re a proud owner of a pool, or know somewhere that has a pool and offers cheap daily rates or an affordable monthly membership, then this article is for you!

Swimming is a great way for burning fat, boosting the metabolism and strengthening our muscles and our core. Swimming is also beneficial because it’s a core strengthener and helps build endurance. It’s great for cross training and, overall, is fun.

There are a lot of ways to make the pool useful, let’s take a look at some moves you can do to help improve and boost weight loss.

1. Bicycle 

The beloved core-blasting move that we normally do on the mat has now moved to the pool. Lean up against the wall, or grab a noodle and float, once that’s happened, you know what to do – peddle! This move not only will work the core, but it’ll work the legs more and even give you some shoulder work. 

2. Double Leg Lift

Once again, we take this mat move to the pool. Same as the Bicycle, lean up against the wall, grab a noodle, or sit on a step and place your legs on the ground. From there, lift them up, and then lower and repeat. This move is a bit more difficult than it usually is because you’re fighting the buoyancy of your own body. 

3. Triceps Dips

A big plus about doing dips in the pool is because the water is essentially assisting you, thus, more reps and better results! Lean against the wall and just let yourself dip up and down. Just remember to keep the elbows in tight to get target the triceps and get the best results.

4. Jogging/Walking

A bit more simplistic than the other moves given so far, but one that gives just as many results. If you have any leg issues, this is one of the best low impact moves you can do. The water will help relieve pressure from your legs and walking/jogging laps will raise your heart and help burn fat. Jogging in place with high knees is another sure way to squeeze in cardio. However, the walking/jogging laps will benefit you because you’ll build leg muscle from having to push your way forward.

5. Laps

Like the jogging/walking option, doing actual laps of swimming from side to side is beneficial too. Once again, if you have leg issues, try doing laps to have your fitness and cardio for the day. Doing any freestyle, or breaststroke, will surely get you on the path to achieving your dream body.

6. Noodle Planks

Grab the noodle and let’s have fun! Personally one of the more fun and effective pool workout moves, the Noodle Plank is so good for strengthening the core and gaining upper body strength. When doing planks in the pool it’s not so hard on your arms as it is on your abs, you have to maintain your balance and that all comes from having a tough core.


These moves are perfect for building endurance and are a lot of fun. Plus, they can be done all while socializing, so grab a friend and go for a workout in the pool. It’s a great way to beat the heart too.

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