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Introducing: Skinny Teatox Mint

Today, we're happy to introduce Skinny Teatox Mint, a new line of 100% natural teatox's.

The health benefits of mint have been long known for thousands of years and we couldn't be more excited to offer this new mint teatox! 

We're launching this delicious new line with three options: 7 Day Skinny Teatox Mint, 14 Day Skinny Teatox Mint and 28 Day Skinny Teatox Mint

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Skinny Tea Detox Review

Today we're going to review Skinny Tea Detox's 14 Day Detox. If you've been to our site before you may have seen all our other teatox reviews. If not, feel free to check them our anytime! Here are some of our more popular reviews: 

Although doesn't call their tea a "teatox" it's the same concept so we figured why not give them a try and let you know our thoughts! 

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Free Contest: Enter to Win 1 of 5 Skinny Teatox Gift Packs (Value = $100 each)

Happy Spring everyone!

To celebrate the warmer weather we're holding our best teatox giveaway ever! 

Take a minute to enter below - good luck everyone! :-)


CONTEST: Enter to Win 1 of 5 Free $100 Skinny Teatox Gift Packs!
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Amazing 14 Day Skinny Teatox Reviews

A huge thanks to Rafaela and Destiny for writing awesome reviews during and after their 14 Day Teatox's!!

14 Day Teatox Review 

By: Rafaela Michailidou

"To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to try Skinny Teatox, as I had previously tried similar teatox brands and all left me with a bloated stomach and (pardon me) constipation. I was wonderfully surprised with Skinny Teatox! Since the first day, I felt more alive, i had a lot of energy (essential for my exam period) and my bloating disappeared! The taste is delicious which is definitely a plus and I noticed that my appetite was reduced, resulting is consuming fewer calories and actually dropping a dress size in the first 4 days! It doesn't leave you with a yo-yo effect; even though I finished it (planning to buy more) my appetite is still reduced and my digestion system is settled down.

Of course it should be noted that Skinny teatox should be accompanied with a balanced diet and a little bit of exercise, but if it had those extraordinary results on me (i eat healthy but binge-eat sometimes and I only workout 30 minutes every other day) then it can do the same for you! It's a change of life and it doesn't feel so 'estranged' or diet-y because it is tea! What could be better? I strongly recommend this tea and not any other teatox in the market, my body is so capricious but now it seems to me that it's found its master!

Great teatox and just in time for summer holidays! Trust me, nothing is worst that having to go on the beach feeling bloated and knowing that your extended tummy is not a result of your overeating, but of your body being upset!

Oh, also I am 22 years old:) xxxxx" (Rafaela Michailidou, May 17, 2022)

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