Here's What You Need to Know About Pegan Diets

Here's What You Need to Know About Pegan Diets

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)  

We all know about how healthy veganism and the Paleo diet are said to be, so imagine how insanely healthier it would be to combine them.

That’s a Pegan diet.

The hybrid diet includes consuming fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and some meat and other animal products. Combining certain aspects from each of the lifestyles equals a more wholesome, and leaner diet.

Daily Burn states that the diet focuses 75% on plants and 25% on animal proteins, or other healthy fats. The site is a great resource because it includes the DO’s and DON’Ts of being Pegan, and provides a five-day menu.

Benefits of a Pegan Diet

The biggest question to answer is, will it help with weight loss. The answer? Yes. It’s a fiber-based diet, meaning you’ll be full longer, and not feel the urge to munch a lot. If it’s calories you’re worried about - don’t be! You’ll be consuming tons of vegetables, fruits and other healthy options. The diet requires consuming protein, which will give you the energy you need, plus you’ll slowly lose the cravings for any sort of unhealthy carbohydrate. 

Besides weight loss, other amazing benefits can come due to the Pegan lifestyle. Studies have said that lower cholesterol, and a decreased risk of diabetes can come from leading this life. Think of all the other benefits that come from eating regular fruits and vegetables and apply those to all that’s been said. 

How to Start a Pegan Diet

At first it may feel extremely restrictive, so make sure you’re making a meal plan that suits you! Make sure you leave some products in, like peanuts and beans – which will help with protein! Or, don’t be afraid to not cut entirely back on sugar. Make it a diet that you know you can stick by, and have fun with. 

Amazon offers some fantastic options regarding books. They have books about the Pegan diet for beginners, to easy cookbooks. The Think Kitchen has a fantastic article that lists 13 simple and yummy recipes! 

Start off simple, and see if you can go five diets on the Pegan diet. If you find that it’s easy, and you like it, go a bit longer and see where it takes you!

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