5 Foods That Relieve PMS Symptoms


By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)     

As woman we’re naturally going to have our periods, and along with it we may experience PMS. What is it? It’s premenstrual syndrome, which is a group of symptoms linked to our periods. The symptoms can start 1-2 weeks before your period and normally end when it does start. There isn’t anything specific that causes PMS – mainly a change in hormones and the symptoms can affect women differently, but one thing is for sure – PMS sucks!

To help balance out the hormone changes, let’s check out some foods that are perfect for fighting PMS. 

1. Yogurt

The reason yogurt is a great option is because of how calcium packed it is. It’s been known, through research, that having calcium rich foods can help relieve bloating and mood swings, plus supposedly ridding PMS symptoms overall. So curl up on the couch, under a blanket, and enjoy a nice bowl of low-fat or fat-free yogurt to help calm whatever struggle PMS has given you.

2. Fish

The main fish that you’ll want to have is salmon. Why? Because to be able to break down the calcium in your body you’ll need vitamin D – which just so happens to be in salmon. If you’re not a fan of that try sardines or herring. Fish is filled with omega-3s, which is a fatty acid that could possibly double as an antidepressant. If you’re someone who does get a bit down during this time of the month, try having a delicious fish dinner or lunch and see how you feel after. 

3. Broccoli

If you want a nutritious treat that will definitely help fight off PMS – eat broccoli. The list could be so endless when it comes to what broccoli contains. It has vitamin A, which is said to help regulate hormone fluctuation. Broccoli also contains vitamin C, B6 and E, as well as calcium. Broccoli is also a great source of fiber, which help with estrogen levels and our digestive systems – this can be a good reliever if bloating occurs. Chop up some broccoli and cook it in with your salmon for an even yummier dinner. 

4. Eggs

Eggs, like fish, are also filled with omega-3s, so consider having some if you’re experiencing the PMS blues and can’t afford or have fish. Not only that but they are good for cholesterol and also have vitamin D, B6 and E. Amino acids are found in eggs and those are excellent for our bodies and help detox, which can leave a great feeling on us after our periods have finished. So wake up one morning and have some eggs and oatmeal.

5. Bananas

Bananas are literally one of the greatest fruits to eat for just about everything. Loaded with potassium, bananas can help reduce water retention – which is the biggest cause of bloating. They’re also a great source of vitamin B6. If you’re someone who has horrible cramps leading up to your period, bananas, thanks to their vitamin and potassium amount, can help relieve those. They’re also able to help you fall asleep, this is because they have melatonin, which is a hormone secreted at night. Mix some banana in with your yogurt for a nice snack, or have by itself after a workout.

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