5 Ways to Trick Yourself into Enjoying Running on the Treadmill

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)

Even though winter is long gone and sunshine is coming around, a lot of people still use the treadmill daily. My excuse for using it occasionally during the summer is to stay clear of the heat.

However, there’s always that one downfall of using the treadmill, no matter what the season is - the boredom that occasionally comes along with it. No matter who you are and what you do on the treadmill, you’ve had to experienced boredom at least once, and if you haven’t you’re lucky.

In case you’re like me, and a lot of other people out there, here are some tips to help avoid that boredom that lurks with using the treadmill:


When I began using the treadmill regularly, I was training for a race so that meant I followed a specific running plan. If you’re not training for a race, but maybe want to work on your mile time or further your distance, check out training plans all across the web, print one out and take it with you to keep you on track. You can also find a lot of really cool workouts specific for the treadmill that can end up making time fly right by!


Literally anything can work for this - a book, movie or television show, music or even a podcast if you’re into that. Reading a book while walking for an allotted time always helps pass the time for me. If the treadmill you’ll be using has a T.V installed already into it, check which channels they get and then from there, schedule around a movie or television show so you can enjoy the workout. Music is perfect for on the treadmill because it can motivate you and help you run by doing it to the beat. The podcast is a good option too because you can learn things from them and any chance to learn something new is always fun.


Tying back around with the planning aspect, also try intervals. Changing up your routine with sprints or an increase in incline can definitely take your mind away from being bored and focused on the task at hand. If you’re scared or not sure of how to plan them out into your workout, it’s very easy and there are many workouts that include intervals in them!


There is nothing nicer than running with friends while outside, so why not bring that same enjoyment into the gym with you? If you’ve got a friend who is into running, ask them to tag along and keep the conversation going at a nice pace throughout your workout. Time will fly by if you’ve got someone to gossip with while at the gym! Plus having a friend to run with you is great for keeping each other on track and motivated towards the goal you’re working towards. 


What I mean when I say race is look at the person who’s also on the treadmill running – now race them. This may seem strange and like it may not work, but trust me, once you start running and, in your head, are racing them, it becomes a motivation. Try making it into a game – if you run longer, if you run faster, if your incline is higher, the possibilities are endless just remember to have fun with it! 

The treadmill isn’t for everyone, if you’re in the group of people who dread having to use it, test out some of these ways and see if they work for you! Sooner than later, you’ll be okay with using it and may even grow to love the treadmill.

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