What is the Detox & Cleansing Ingredient in Skinny Teatox?

One of the main ingredients in Skinny Teatox's evening detox and cleansing tea is called Senna. This is the herb that produces the mild laxative effect. The Senna is an ancient plant that has been around for thousands of years and is often used in detox products. 

The Senna has lots of parts to it, including herbs, shrubs, flowers, even a large fruit. In addition to being a beautiful plant, Senna has many different uses in addition to being a great ingredient in detox teas. 

Learn more about Senna here

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New Product: Skinny Teatox Loose Leaf Tea Filters

A lot of you have asked, so we're finally selling our loose leaf tea filters. These disposable filters are the best money can buy. 

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Chlorine-free
  • Made from abaca - which is eco friendly, and one of the toughest fibers in the world
  • Medium / Large size, good for any size cup, mug, pot or travelling thermos
  • 60 per package
  • Only $9

Get your Skinny Teatox disposable filters while supplies last. Or, if you're crafty why not make your own?

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Skinny Teatox: Canada's Original Detox Tea

Skinny Teatox is proudly Canadian owned and operated. We are Canada's original teatox company and we're happy to offer free shipping to anywhere in Canada for our 7 day teatox, 14 day teatox and 28 day teatox packages.

We get emails all the time asking if we ship to the United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, at the moment we only ship to Canada. We're a small company that is obsessed with quality and customer service and we feel if we grew too fast and start shipping everywhere, it would be at the expense of our Canadian customers. 

To learn more about Skinny Teatox, read our FAQ.

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The Gorgeous Rachel After Losing 10 LBS From Our 28 Day Teatox

Rachel lost 10 LBS and is looking and FEELING amazing after she did our 28 day Skinny-Teatox


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Renee After Her 28 Day Skinny-Teatox

Our friend @Reneeanne92 (Instagram) after she did a 28 day Skinny-Teatox cleanse. Looking great! 

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Win a Free 28 Day Skinny Teatox Package!

We know Skinny Teatox makes a difference and is helping people all across Canada lose weight, feel better and get healthy. So we want to hear about and see your results! Send in your before and after pictures, written testimonial, videos, or even just after pics if you're shy. Email for the chance to receive a free Skinny Teatox package. 

Thanks to Justina who sent us our first 'after' pic. 

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9 Foods to Add to Your Diet While Doing a Skinny-Teatox

Just because you’re getting healthy by using a Skinny-Teatox program, doesn’t mean you can eat garbage. Maintaining a proper diet is crucial to a healthy and successful teatox. By injecting several healthy foods into your daily diets, you will enhance the detoxification process and enjoy better results.

Add these 9 foods to your diet in conjunction with Skinny Teatox tea.

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Introducing Skinny TeaTox: All-Natural Detox Tea! :)

Yay! Our first blog post! 

We're still busy bees working to get our store up and running, so you'll have to come back soon and see what's new. 

But I'll give you a sneak peak on the logo we're working on!

Let us know what you think!  

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