How to Get Bigger Boobs Without a Pushup Bra or Padding

By: Kenzie Thomson

I know ladies who, like me, are a little more... well, endowed than some. It is a constant struggle to not feel like my bra buddies are hanging to the floor. On the flip side of that, I have a few girlfriends who have always wanted to have a little extra ‘oomf’ on top.

Where do we get better boobs without the use of a pushup bra or padding? 

Here are three EASY exercises to do at home or the gym that will give that little extra perk you are looking for!re muscles! Remember to keep your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor, your spine straight and keep your stomach tensed to get the most out of this exercise! 

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5 "At Home" Yoga Poses to Help You Get Slim Legs


Not only is having core strength vital for a good yoga workout, (check out 4 Easy Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Core and Tighten Your Abs) but having leg strength is just as important too.

Not only are legs the root of our bodies, but also they are the roots of most yoga poses.

They provide us with support and balance too.

Strengthening the legs will not only be beneficial towards a stronger yoga practice, but it can help with other forms of activity – like running or dancing.

Plus, toned legs are perfect to work for, since it is summer!

Check out these 5 moves to help get on the track of a better yoga practice and sexy, lean legs!

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4 Red Flags That You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

4 Red Flags That You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

You may think the “drink more water” sentiment is getting kind of old, but here’s the thing: many of us are still walking around not drinking enough, or in many cases, think we have it cased, but really are still somewhat dehydrated. 

This is especially the case if you are active and end up sweating out more than you realize, or not drinking enough to start with. 

Check in with yourself to see if you are exhibiting any of these signs, which may indicate your water intake needs to be amped up:

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How to Know if you are too Tired to Workout and Need to Take a Rest Day

How to Know if you are too Tired to Workout and Need to Take a Rest Day

Is it time for a rest day?

While of course, it's totally dependent on the individual and there are lots of factors that contribute to one’s readiness to work out, there are some bold, commonly applicable signs that are a good indicator that it might be time for a rest day.

Paying attention to these and listening to your body is important because failure to do so could leave you sick, injured, or suffering from overtraining syndrome. 

Do you need a day off? Here are 4 ways to find out...

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