7 Exercises To Get You a Thigh Gap

7 Exercises To Get You a Thigh Gap

Most women have troubling target areas they’re always trying to fix. One of the most notorious is the stomach area, the second most notorious is the their legs – mainly the thigh region. And lets be honest, who doesn't want a thigh gap?

Through a healthy lifestyle and the 7 moves listed below, you’re sure to get thin, lean, and sexy curves just in time for summer to role in.

Scissor Leg Planks

Not only will this work your legs, but since it’s a plank move you’ll also be working your arms, shoulders, and your chest. A solid full body exercise move. Check out this tutorial to learn how to do the move and begin incorporating it into your routines!

Side Lunge

Side lunges are perfect for sculpting the thighs. To add a challenge into them, try holding 3-8 pound weights. To check out a tutorial on how to do side lunges, click here!

Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

The ultimate thigh toner, leg lifts are a major endurance tester yet effective. To add a major challenge, consider investing in ankle weights, which will make lifting a tad harder and in turn, burn more. Not sure how to do them? Check out this tutorial.


The bridge pose is perfect for an overall lower body tone. Adding pulses is the best booty booster, but adding a squeeze when you hit the top is the ultimate thigh toner. If you have a yoga block, a pillow, or a toning ring, make sure to do your bridges with those, and to squeeze as hard as possible when reaching the top. Click here to see how to do a bridge pose.


The faster the skate, the more your heart rate will go up and you’ll burn more throughout the workout. Skaters are a great way to burn fat, and tone up the thighs thanks to the rapid switching of movements. Check out how to do them by clicking here for a tutorial.

Sumo Squat Jumps

Sumo squats, or otherwise known as plié squats, are a prime exercise move for toning the legs and targeting those inner thighs. In terms of adding the jump, it’s a perfect endurance test that will get that heart rate up and help burn more calories in the end. To add challenges consider adding dumbbells or a kettle bell into the mix, and to see how sumo squat jumps are done, click here.

Wall Sits

Wall sits are the ultimate move for toned legs and a strong core. By combining the endurance to hold yourself up, you’re using the muscles in your core and legs, which eventually will build into muscle – eliminating any unwanted fat.

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)

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