5 Easy Mistakes That Will Kill Your Diet

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)  

If you’ve begun to change your life for the better, and begin to live a healthy lifestyle, congratulations! With every lifestyle, though, there are good habits and there are bad habits. When it comes to workout outs, sometimes, bad habits may slowly begin to form.

To avoid any future strain, and to catch any bad habits you may find yourself doing, check out these 5 things that may be hurting your workout.

1. Overexercising

Overexercising can actually lead to a lot of major health issues. One of biggest consequences of overexercising is the possibility of injury. By exercising more than once a day, you’re not allowing yourself to bounce back. Overexercising can lead to a risk of fainting, or having heart fatigue since you’re putting a lot of strain on your heart.

2. Lack of Sleep

Getting enough sleep not only helps with weight loss, but it has other amazing benefits too – check out a previously written article all about it. Having a good night’s rest is pivotal to having a great morning workout too. Plus, it can become a cycle – studies have shown that morning exercise can help improve sleep, which, like stated, helps improve the morning exercise. 

3. Eating Late 

You know the phrases about eating past 7-9PM? They’re kind of true. If you have yourself a rather heavy meal late, your body will have to work overnight to digest it – which will result in releasing a stress hormone that causes weight gain.

4. Not Eating Enough

To avoid having the body burn our muscle proteins, make sure you’re eating enough foods! The amount of protein, and energy based foods, you put into your system, the better chance of having a good workout is. No matter what type of workout you’re doing, having a good meal at least a hour beforehand is ideal.

5. Copying 

(This actually is something that I didn’t think of until doing research for this article, and it’s very important to note.) If you’re going to attempt to copy someone at the gym, don’t. The chances of you accidently hurting yourself is very high, especially if you’re not aware of the proper form. Don’t let that bring you down, though, if you’re fascinating by someone squatting with the bar, ask them about it and how to get started!

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  • Wanda says...

    Yes, injury at the gym can be devastating. I had a wonderful personal trainer but one day when she wasn’t there, the sub kept urging me beyond my limit.
    After 3 years of physio, injections and surgery I am still in pain and unable to walk more than a few steps without severe pain.

    February 28, 2022

  • Gia says...

    Thank you for this information. I was only drinking coffee in the morning then I would have Kimberly Snyders glowing green smoothie and only that until like 3pm. I had both of those today but I ate some bacon, eggs and half a bagel and feel much better. Work in progress I know. But my skin looks so much better since starting the GGS

    November 28, 2021

  • Michelle says...

    Hi I work out Monday through Friday and I usually take Saturday and Sunday to rest is that okay am I doing the right thing and besides eating well I do like my morning breakfast lunch and dinner I take care of what I eat I’m just concerned about my exercising is it too much or is it okay that is my question

    September 28, 2021

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