What is Urban Rebounding?

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)  

When I say rebounding, what is the first thing that pops into your head? It could be that thing someone does when they’ve just broken up with their significant other, but for others it could mean an entirely different, and healthier, thing. 

Urban rebounding is a form of cardio that's growing in popularity.

In an urban rebounding class, everyone jumps on a mini trampoline at a light pace, or at fast intervals, and they can do movements such as walking, jogging, and bouncing. Along with that, rebounding can offer a different variety of classes, making it very enjoyable.

What is Urban Rebounding? 

The next question to ask is, is it beneficial? The answer would be yes.

Urban rebounding not only will help with weight loss, but it can help our systems within the body.

Let’s take a look at some quick benefits of rebounding:

Weight Loss

Like stated, rebounding is perfect for anyone looking to fit cardio into their daily lives. Running can become extremely difficult at times, plus be boring to some. With rebounding, you never know what you’re going to get. Studies have said that it’s even more effective than running – because it doesn’t put as much stress onto your ankles and knees! Plus, it helps get rid of cellulite in those trouble areas like our buttocks and thighs.

Supports Bone/Joint Health

Since this can be considered a low impact workout, rebounding is perfect for anyone who is currently experience pain in his or her joints. Ideal for those with osteoporosis, rebounding can help in remineralizing bones.

Improve Balance/Posture

By engaging your abs while exercising, you slowly begin to improve not only your balance, but also your posture. Remember the Skinny Teatox article about the yoga moves that help with posture and back pain? With rebounding, you’re essentially knocking out two things – you’re improving your posture (which will help with back pain), plus you’re getting your cardio (which will help with your metabolism and weight loss).


According to studies, rebounding is the most effective movement therapy for increasing lymph flow, which in turn, drains toxins from our bodies. Because of the up-down movement done during rebounding, the lymphatic fluid in our bodies has no other choice but to be forced and flushed. That leads to having a healthier immune system, and helps keeps hormones in balance.

There are many other benefits of rebounding, such as a stronger cardiovascular system, and healthier cholesterol. To begin to experience the full benefits of rebounding, it’s suggested to begin doing three 5-minute sessions per day. If you’re looking to lose weight, rebounding for 15-20 minutes daily at a moderate intensity is the next option. It’s advised not to rebound after eating or drinking.

If you’re not sure where to begin looking for a mini-trampoline, there’s always Amazon – which if you’re a Prime member, gives great deals with shipping. Another great place to look for affordable trampolines is Wal-Mart, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. From there, go to YouTube and begin searching for those workouts. If you’re not ready to commit completely to at-home workouts, try seeing if there are classes at your local gym that you can go to!

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