5 Core and Butt BOSU Ball Workouts

5 Core and Butt BOSU Ball Workouts

So what exactly is a BOSU ball? Well, also known as a BOSU Balance Trainer, this fitness device consists of an inflated rubber side attached to a platform. It has other names such as a “blue half-ball” because of its look, which resembles a stability ball cut in half. The BOSU ball is often used for balance training since when it’s dome side up, it’s an unstable surface. It can also be used with the flipped side up, which increases its instability.

One way to achieve a tight core and butt is definitely to begin BOSU ball training. The need to stay stable during the workouts is vital, and that balance comes from your core. Add some leg workouts to the training and you’re sure to begin the path to your dream body. 

Let’s check out some of the best workouts for your core and butt via BOSU ball: 

BOSU Squat

If you’re feeling like squats are becoming a tad too easy for you, and you need to spice them up, use a BOSU ball. By doing it on the underside of the ball, you’re instantly going to have a challenge to stay balanced thus working your core and your legs. If you need some variations, but the ball rubber side up and do some lateral squats with a hop in the middle while alternating between sides. 


With the blue side down, grip each side of the BOSU ball and get the ball stable and tighten your core. Hold the plank for as long as you feel necessary, and if you need to add a variation do a plank crossover by taking one leg to the opposite shoulder. Check out this cool video for some ideas and inspiration with doing planks on the BOSU ball:

Fire Hydrant

Make sure you have rubber side up when you’re doing the fire hydrants. This move will target your legs and your butt, plus keeping stable will activate your core. Have one of your legs up on the center of the ball, both hands in front, and to lower your leg when you’ve reached your resistance level. If you’d like to see a quick tutorial, and different way of doing a fire hydrant, check out this video:

Mountain Climbers

With the blue side down, take your hands and grip the sides like you would with the plank, lean the BOSU ball slightly towards you and begin to climb! Having the BOSU with the rubber side down will increase the need to keep stable while doing cardio, thus adding more of a challenge to your core. 

Russian Twists

One of the best core workouts, the Russian Twist not only works the abdominal muscles, but also your obliques! Have the rubber side up, sit in the middle and get into the proper form for the twist, once there, begin the workout! To add more of a challenge, try holding a weight or a medicine ball. 

If you’re not sure where to find a BOSU ball, check out your local gym or any sporting stores nearby!

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    My friend has been encouraging me to purchase one of the Body Ball’s, as I suffer from fibermyalgia. Have now seen information on your site, definitely sounds more encouraging for myself and results I am looking for. Will be putting on birthday list, as living on disability pension, items needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle, is not always in reach. Hope my family, also believe that this is an investment for my health.

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