10 Natural Appetite Suppressants

10 Natural Appetite Suppressants

Diets, or any sort of lifestyle change, do not come without a price. One of the biggest prices to pay is that of cravings.

Some may try to curve their appetites with supplements, but have no fear because there are natural ways to do that. Whether it’s adding a particular food into your diet, or allowing yourself to indulge, these ten ways to help suppress your appetite are sure to help making lose weight a bit easier, and not as guilty:

1. Water

Sometimes we can confuse dehydration for hunger, thus eating more when we should be chugging water. Make sure to carry a water bottle around and never forget to fill it up. Drinking water before meals can help with being full quicker, thus consuming fewer calories. If you do chug some water, but feel hungry, aim to have a snack that packed with water content – for example, watermelon or cucumbers. Check out these 7 recipes for detox water

2. Lemon

Have a sweet tooth? Try something sour instead. Lemon is filled with pectin – which is a soluble fiber that can help aid weight loss. It also helps boost your metabolism. A good way to add lemon into your life is by making lemon water! So, click here for a recipe that is easy and sure to help with any cravings in between meals.

3. Mint

Due to its potent scent, mint may have benefits that correlate with weight loss and suppressing appetites.  This could be an “all in the head” situation, but dietitians have spoken, and it’s said that brushing your teeth, or even popping a piece of mint gum may help curve your cravings.

4. Tea

Sipping on some hot tea after a meal often helps with late night cravings, and also boosts your metabolism. Try Skinny Teatox’s Fat Free Chocolate Energy Tea! It not only will help boost your metabolism, but any sweet tooth cravings you may have will be checked at the door, because this tea is a great appetite suppressant.

5. Coffee

Try not to over do it on the coffee because jitters suck. On the plus side, consuming coffee moderately and daily can help with boosting one’s metabolism and help with suppressing an appetite. The caffeine found in coffee is the reason for it’s benefits, but if you do drink coffee make sure to add healthy options into it and not to go crazy with sugar.

6. Nuts

Craving some foods? Don’t be afraid to snack. Almonds are packed with not only antioxidants, but with fiber – which helps to keep us full. So next time you’re in need of a snack in between meals, grab this healthy fat and enjoy yourself.

7. Apples

An apple a day will keep the doctor away, and can help with suppressing hunger. Like lemons, apples are filled with pectin - which is that soluble fiber we spoke of briefly, and we’ve discussed many times how consuming more fiber can be great for staying full longer and stopping excessive snacking. Apples will not only give you energy, but you’ll also have some time to relax while chewing them since they do require a bit of time to consume.

8. Oatmeal

Having this food on the list is a must – this high carb food is filled with fiber. This yummy food helps suppress our appetite hormone called cholecystokinin. Grab some steel cut oats for breakfast and you’re sure to be full until mid lunchtime.

9. Leafy Greens

Whether it’s spinach, kale, or other greens, you’re sure to feel full after a eating greens. They’re packed with fiber, and water, and will help keep any hunger cravings hidden.

10. Flax Seeds

Another amazing choice due to its high fiber content, adding flax seeds to any yogurt or smoothie is a great option.

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By: Bethany Barich

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