4 Things That Happen When You Go Plant-Based

4 Things That Happen When You Go Plant-Based

Feeling a little sluggish lately and having a hard time concentrating at work? 

Wondering why you always wake up feeling tired and low in energy and can’t seem to get rid of your acne?

It may be that you need to adopt a plant-based diet for a while and let your body heal itself naturally with nature’s superfoods. 

Here are 4 things that will happen when you follow a plant-based diet for a week and get rid of animal products:

  1. Improved complexion – The consumption of dairy and processed foods can clog the elimination pathways of the body and lead to toxin build up.  One of the side effects of this is that your body still seeks to eliminate those toxins any way that it can, and may do so through the pores.  The result may be regular acne, pimples, generally dry or oily skin, or simply bags under the eyes and tired looking complexion.  Consuming plant based foods only helps with these issues not only because the pathways don’t get clogged and are able to flow more freely, but also because plant foods have a higher water content and this helps flush the toxins through the body through the appropriate elimination pathways. Also try our 100% natural skin purifying complexion tea
  2. Better digestion – It is much harder for your body to digest meat and meat based proteins than it is to digest plants.  It takes longer, it requires more and different enzymes and digestive secretions, and an excess of meat can cause the build up of nitrogenous byproducts, which compensate things such as joint function and muscle function.  Not to mention, poor digestion leads to constipation, bloating, nausea, an increase of bad bacteria within the gut, and can even have a negative affect on your mood and brain function.  Consuming plants means your body is much more easily able to digest them, and doesn’t result in any of these undesirable affects. Try our digestive tea!
  3. Increased energy – The clogged elimination pathways, digestive byproducts, and overall increased energy required for digestion means your overall energy is likely decreased on a meat heavy diet.  Opting for plants instead frees up some of the energy normally spent digesting for you to use for other purposes and leaves you feeling less sluggish, lethargic and fatigued most of the time.  It means you finish your meals energized and ready to move instead of feeling like you want to lie down on the couch.  It means you wake up in the morning ready to face the day and bounding with energy, not as if you would like to stay in bed for another couple of hours. Try our energy tea!
  4. Better concentration – Poor digestion leads to poor concentration and brain function, as your body is using so much of the energy to simply process your food, and in the process, byproducts are being given off and bad bacteria are proliferating (as mentioned above), both of which further contribute to difficulty concentrating.  More than that though, the brain uses glucose (carbohydrates), as it’s only fuel source.  Meat contains very minimal carbohydrates and is primarily protein.  Consuming a meat rich diet means you are not providing your body with proper brain fuel and instead, it has to go find it somewhere else.  This takes time to extract the energy, and is not in the supply quantity that your brain requires, all of which contribute to poor concentration and less than optimal brain function.

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  

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