4 Expensive Health Products Worth The Extra Money

4 Expensive Health Products Worth The Extra Money

You know the old saying "you can't put a price tag on your health"? Well, that's not exactly true as these days there are so many products which are way, way over priced. 

There are, however, some products that are worth the extra money... so you may want to consider forking over the cash: 

Bee pollen

One of nature's superfoods, bee pollen contains antioxidants, reduces inflammation within the gut, boosting digestion and the intestines, and is great for enhancing energy. As the food for young, growing bees, it is very high in protein, which is in the free amino acid form, readily available to be used by the body with minimal processing required. It contains several vitamins and nutrients essential for human health and functioning, and is especially high in the B vitamins, which help reduce stress and are required for energy production. It comes at a price because it takes bees a long time to make the amount you consume each day, and requires lots of fields of wild flowers!

Greens powder

In theory, its great to plan on eating your daily dose of greens, but sometimes it's easier said than done: life gets busy, you eat lunch on the run, meet friends for dinner and pretty soon it's bedtime and you still need your daily greens! This is where a good quality greens powder comes in. When you spend the money you can get powders with several servings of greens which are all inclusive, containing leafy greens, sprouts, green vegetables and sea vegetables. All you have to do is add your powder to some water, shake and drink up, and you've given yourself an amazing nutrient boost and a great shot of energy. While consuming greens in their whole form is of course best, greens powders are a great way to supplement your daily intake, or to use as a good alternative on busy days.

Raw cacao

If you've been buying your cacao powder at the grocery store in the baking section, do yourself a favour and invest in some raw cacao powder from your local natural health store. Raw cacao powder is incredibly high in antioxidants and magnesium. Once processed however it loses much of these nutrients, and is often alkalized to give it a milder taste than raw cacao. This process involves washing the cacao in a potassium carbonate solution which then yields what is commonly called "Dutch processed" cocoa, baking cocoa, or just cocoa, as opposed to cacao. As you can see, not only does it lose nutritional value, but it is also washed in a chemical and is best not put into your body!

Expensive skin products

Your pores are like a direct channel between your body and the outside world. Whatever gets in them either goes inside or your body works to send it out via sweating and your lymphatic system. You can assume then, that buying cheap, chemically produced skin products does two things: 1) it clogs your pores and makes it hard for your lymphatic system to eliminate wastes from your body, and 2) it sends chemicals into your body which are accumulated as toxins and your body has to try to eliminate. And you can also guess that the outcome is acne, skin problems, allergies, fatigue and overall feeling unwell because of the toxins building up within your system. Make the switch today and purchase high quality skin care products free from parabens and with natural ingredients. And then spend some time detoxifying and looking after your lymphatic system to help rid it of any toxins accumulated thus far.

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  

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