Are you missing the mental training component of exercise?

 Are you missing the mental training component of exercise?

Here’s the thing: getting better at exercise, seeing improvement and working towards new goals, involves more than just putting in the physical work.  

There’s more required than simply showing up at the gym or heading out for a run: in fact, there is a huge additional component that plays a big role in your success. 

Introducing mental training.  

While it may be something you assume just happens over time as you spend more and more time doing the sport or activity, in many cases, it actually is something that you need to put time and effort into, the same as you do the physical training of the sport.  

Here are some best practices for boosting your mental strength and coming out on top:

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4 Ways to Detox in 2019

4 Ways to Detox in 2017

Whether you want to start out healthy before the year even starts, or you are looking to make plans for January and the start of your new year’s resolutions, detoxifying the body and aiding the digestive system is a good place to start. 

Not only does detoxing have a big role to play in the body in terms of digestion, but also has an affect on everything from your mood and emotions to your energy and weight. 

This year, start things off right with these simple methods of detoxification:

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8 Reasons to Do a 30-Day Challenge (Other Than Weight Loss)

You may have noticed that your gym or yoga studio was hosting a 30-day challenge.  Or maybe you came across an image on Pinterest about doing a certain exercise routine for 30 days, or adopting certain dietary changes.  While most of them are health and fitness related and you may indeed start them for the purpose of weight loss, there are lots of other reasons to do a challenge, in addition to the scale.  Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

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