4 Ways to Detox in 2019

4 Ways to Detox in 2017

Whether you want to start out healthy before the year even starts, or you are looking to make plans for January and the start of your new year’s resolutions, detoxifying the body and aiding the digestive system is a good place to start. 

Not only does detoxing have a big role to play in the body in terms of digestion, but also has an affect on everything from your mood and emotions to your energy and weight. 

This year, start things off right with these simple methods of detoxification:

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Chaga Mushroom Benefits: All About The World's Hottest New Superfood

Chaga Mushroom Tea Benefits

If you’ve seen an increase in mushrooms popping up on your Instagram feed over these last few months, you may be wondering just what exactly this whole mushroom craze is about. 

Not mushrooms as in button mushrooms or Portobello mushrooms, but medicinal mushrooms: Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and several other varieties, which
research is showing have promising and powerful health benefits for the body and mind. 

With the benefits assembled collectively in one product, these mushrooms are some of the most powerful, health promoting superfoods available. 

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Lazy Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight With a Sedentary Lifestyle

Lazy Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight With a Sedentary Lifestyle

Everything that you read emphasizes the importance of exercise as a key component of a weight loss program. And while it’s true, and it speeds up your progress towards reaching your goals, if you are faced with having a primarily sedentary lifestyle, you don’t have to feel like your weight loss plans are doomed to fail. 

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