Introducing: 10 New Skinny Teatox Specialty Teas!

Skinny Teatox Specialty Tea

Skinny Teatox doesn’t just make a line of detox teas, we also have an entire line of specialty teas to help you with everything ranging from low energy levels to issues with blemishes! 

I tried a bunch of our new teas and wrote some of my thoughts below: 

Vitalize With Me: Energy Tea

This tea is designed to give you a boost of energy without the crash that comes with most energy drinks.  I absolutely love this tea.  It helps me get through that midday slump at work when I’m waiting for the clock to hit 5:00pm.  It has a wonderful blueberry and black currant note, but it’s not an overpowering flavor.

Sleep With Me: Sleep Aid Tea

The combination of chamomile and rose petals gave off a beautiful scent that instantly relaxed me.  After letting the loose tea steep for a few  minutes before drinking it, I got cozy in my favorite set of PJ’s and curled up in bed with my favorite book.  It wasn’t at all difficult for me to fall asleep thanks to the soothing effects of the chamomile.

Smile With Me: Happy Tea

Opening the bag of tea put a smile on my face before evening drinking a mug of it.  It has such a cozy smell to it (thanks to the lavender and rose petals) and I felt instantly comforted.  It tastes wonderful on its own, but if you’re not a fan of strong tasting teas I recommend that you either steep it less, or mix in some honey.

Glow With Me: Clear Skin Tea

This one is designed to help clear your skin and help promote your natural healthy glow.  The chamomile and rose petals give off a soothing aroma and pleasant mild taste.  I’m a firm believer that what you put in your body contributes to how it looks and feels, and I felt great about hydrating my skin from the inside out with this tea.

Digest With Me: PMS Tea

This one and the Regret With Me teas are hands down my favorites.  I felt instantly refreshed upon opening the bag; a wonderful peppermint and ginger root aroma emerged.  Both the peppermint and ginger root helped soothe the nausea caused by whatever winter bug I caught.  Another bonus of chamomile is that it has antispasmodic properties which can help with irritable bowel related symptoms.  I didn’t feel the need to sweeten this tea at all.

Regret With Me: Hangover Tea

Like the Digest With Me tea, my nose was greeted with a pleasant aroma of peppermint, but instead of ginger root, the peppermint scent was complimented with lemon balm and cranberry.  I don’t make a habit of experiencing hangovers, but this tea really helped get me up and rolling on the mornings that I was groggy from staying up too late watching Netflix marathons. 

These teas are great, but make sure to consult with your doctor before adding any herbal teas or supplements to your daily routine to ensure that they won’t interfere with any medications or health conditions.



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