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Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size

I found this wonderful picture on a Tumblr page called "International Acceptance Movement" and it reflects our feelings very well. Way too often people worry about getting "skinny" but skinny is different for everyone. The focus should NOT be on getting skinny, it should be on getting HEALTHY & HAPPY. Because bodies are beautiful at every size and beauty should not be reflected by weight. 

Of course there's nothing wrong with wanting to lose some weight to feel better and look better. That's 100% normal and we're happy that Skinny Teatox can help you cleanse your body and increase your energy levels and metabolism! Just don't get too caught up on skinny. You can’t compare your body to someone else’s because your body isn’t meant to look like any other body.

-There will always be someone thinner or heavier than you.
-Someone shorter or taller.
-Someone more attractive by someone’s standards or less attractive by another’s.
-Someone with smaller or bigger hips.
-Someone with a flatter or rounder stomach.
-Someone older or younger.

I hope everyone doesn't lose sight of what's important, and that is health and happiness. 

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