Is Waist Training Still a Thing?

is Waist training still a thing?

There hasn’t been as much coverage of waist training on social media as of late, and I keep getting questions asking if waist training is still relevant. The answer is hands down YES! The reason that we aren’t seeing as much buzz about it is because it’s not all that new anymore. People are now more aware of the benefits of waist training, so it’s not as foreign of an idea.

Plenty of celebs like the Kardashian/Jenner sisters and Amber Rose still use their waist trainers on the regular. But in case you’ve forgotten, let’s brush up on some of the benefits of using a waist trainer regularly!

Back Support

Wearing a waist trainer helps prevent you from slouching, which in the long term can prevent your spine from developing a “hunchback” shape later on in life which would bring on a whole new slew of problems. It also helps you tone your core because the muscles you use to stay sitting or standing up straight are in your core.


If you wear your waist trainer while hitting the gym, it can help with your form. It can be really easy to round your back during a lot of weight lifting exercises, but that can potentially lead to injury. Wearing your waist trainer helps you keep your posture in check which can in turn prevent posture related injuries.

It Brings Heat

Your core already produces heat (just like the rest of your body), but when you wear your waist trainer (especially when exercising), extra thermogenic activity is promoted. This boosts your body heat and can help you burn more than you would without you waist trainer. 


Besides the posture and exercise related benefits, wearing a waist trainer instantly boosts your confidence. When you’re wearing it, it helps your clothes fit your body in a more flattering manner. Your waist trainer will help you create a smooth sleek look that will have you feeling like a rock star!

There are so many great benefits to properly waist training, so grab one and see for yourself!

By: Kayla Harwick

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