5 Easy At Home Workouts to Give You a Firm Butt (Videos)

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)  

Fall weather is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you get jealous of those girl’s with glutes that look amazing in leggings. Having a firm, rounded butt has been an ongoing trend for a few years. It’s not difficult to understand why. Having a firm butt is extremely sexy. Plus, there are many benefits.

Our glutes are the largest muscle group, and almost any lower bodywork that is done, requires the activation of them. Having a strong lifted butt can help ward off back pains and relieve knee pain too. Not to mention, like stated before, having a firm butt is sexy so your sex appeal will rise! Having a little more strength in your booty will also benefit your endurance – since it is essentially the powerhouse of the lower body, the stronger it gets, the stronger the rest of the lower body will.

One downfall is that training the glutes can be extremely hard, and a process that requires some patience.

To kick start that training, let’s take a look at five of the best moves to tone, lift, and round out the butt.

Curtsy Lunges

A cute variation on the classic lunge, curtsy lunges help tone the butt and legs. One way to challenge yourself with this move is by adding weights – which, in turn, will also tone your arms.

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is probably the most effective way to get a firm and lifted booty. There are tons of variations to help make it stronger too – one-legged bridge. An effective variation that also helps the inner thighs is by adding a block, or pillow in between your legs, and as you raise your hips, keep your legs squeezing together to hold the item in your legs. 


Step-ups are a great way to help work the booty, and the legs. Like with the curtsy lunges, one way to add a spin is by adding weights. As you add reps, and weights, the act of actually stepping up fully will become more difficult, and thus cause your glutes to work harder.

Jump Squats

This cardio move is perfect for blasting fat and toning the legs and butt. No weights are needed, but if you want a little challenge, use small weights and build up to larger ones. 

Side Kicks

This move is ideal for lifting the butt. To add a variation, start from doing a regular fire hydrate move, and then add in the side kicks when your leg comes up. To make it even more difficult, try using ankle weights!

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  • Brenda says...

    I am a more mature woman and have lost my butt. Therefore, I am going to start doing these asap and cannot wait to see results. Will let everyone know.

    March 01, 2022

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    Love the teas! Will order some more :)!

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    Gonna start these tonight!

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    I love the skinny teatox product so much! This is the second time I’m doing the 28 day teatox and I love the results!!♥️

    September 14, 2021

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