5 DIY Ways to Easily Lose the Muffin Top

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)

It’s bathing suit season, which means flat and toned stomachs are pursued. There’s always going to be a trouble zone and for some, and probably the oblique area. If you’re interested in tackling the abdominals in general, check out another article written about 4 Easy Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Core and Tighten Your Abs.

But for now, let’s focus on five moves that will help shred that muffin top and get you one step closer to summer body!

Plank Hip Twists

This move not only is a “waist-whittler” but it’s an amazing toning move. If you’re at a beginner level, don’t be upset if you’re unable to do this move for however long you wish to do it. Don’t be afraid to go down onto your knees and twist from there, you’ll still get the same workout! Once you’ve become prone to doing this move, try advancing it a bit by going up onto your hands and twisting from there! And even bigger plus is not only is this move working your entire core, but you’re also getting a great shoulder workout.

Side Crunch

These are very simple crunches that can be done just about anywhere, side crunches are sure to help melt off those love handles. The biggest tip to remember is not to strain your neck. There’s a lot of modifying you can do when doing side crunches that can make them easier or more difficult. Next time you do them, try lifting your legs too so you can get double the crunch.

Fire Hydrants

This move focuses a lot on toning the butt and thighs, but it also helps with shaving on some fat in your oblique area. Try advancing the move by straightening out your leg and lifting up, or by lifting your leg and then kicking out. Either way, you’re sure to not only get a good side workout, but your butt will eventually look fantastic too!

Candlestick Dippers

This move is actually a lot of fun to do and it doesn’t feel like a lot until you’re standing up and your sides are sore. This exercise move is a definite when trying to shave the muffin top because it targets your oblique area. If you’re ever interested in challenging yourself, try doing this awesome “Muffin Top Shredder” workout brought to you by Blogilates.

Russian Twists

Probably one of the more effective moves out there, Russian Twists are such a pain but they have some amazing benefits. If you’re in the mood to challenge yourself, hold a weight while twisting from side to side. Or, even better, lift your legs up and use that core strength to not only keep you balanced but to help you twist – and then from there try adding a weight into your hands!

Each of these moves offers both beginner and advanced variations. To add a bigger challenge, you can also add weights to just about any of these too. So get up off the couch and start working towards your summer goals, because healthy is happy!

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