How a Planner Will Make Your Life Easier (Including w/ Weight Loss)

 By: Alexis

With technology on the rise there are so many cool gadgets that were made to make our lives easier.

From iPads, MacBooks to a tablet sized iPhone 6, I’ve used them all and each of them gets used for the same exact thing: iMessage, social media and occasionally homework. These devices were made for so much more than that so I use mine as an alarm clock as well, but for setting reminders, goals and future plans I stick to a planner.

Yes I know with iCloud and all the apps on my phone I can easily jot down whatever I need to do but I simply use my iPhone, iPad and MacBook for other useless things. With a planner - actual paper and pen, I am able to see what I have set up for the month and what I have to do throughout each day. I have a monthly/daily planner that completes my life and I’ll give you some ideas on how it will improve your life as well.

Plan Out Your Day

In my planner when I “plan out my day” I’m simply making a to-do list for everything I need to do for the day. This can range from feeding and walking my animals, going to the gym or even chores.


You can write down when you work, have school or even both. You’ll be able to keep track of when you have tests or quizzes, when assignments are do and what you learned that day. When it comes to work if I forget to clock in or the system is down I write when I work and for how long so when I get paid I know the hours are correct.


I am the most forgetful person and I used to always have trouble remembering when my bills were do. Once I get my bills in the mail I write the due date in my planner and since I always have my planner I am constantly seeing when I have to pay them.

Future Goals

I also use my planner to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Right now in my planner I have my dance tryouts as a “goal”. I want to be in the best shape possible in order to do amazing during my tryouts. Future goals could be small or large. You can set goals for spring break or even summer. Once you see your goals accomplished and the time frame it actually took you’ll be surprised at how quickly it all happened. You’ll be more likely to reach your goals when you write them down and keep track of what it will take to get there.

Meal Tracker

The planner I use has a bottom section with a few lines so I write down what I ate throughout the day. I write everything down whether it’s good or bad. Writing down my meals helps me out with variety as well, seeing what I’m eating lets me know I’m not eating the same thing everyday. When you write your meals down you can also see if you are eating out too much; which in the long run can help you save money.

Progress Days

With a planner you can write down “weekly” progress days or even “monthly” progress days. Seeing your progress and writing it down will motivate you to continue your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping a planner was the best thing I did for myself so grab yourself a planner and start your journey to a stress free and healthier lifestyle.

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