8 Surprising "Health Foods" That Aren't Very Healthy

We try to eat healthy foods. We really do. But sometimes it's just not easy. Here are 8 foods the world keeps telling you are healthy, but in reality, you may want to think again. 

1. Turkey Bacon

Okay, so it's lower in saturated fat and calories, which is good, but it often has way more sodium. Most slices of turkey bacon have over 600 milligrams of sodium which is more that 25% of your daily required amount. 

2. Fat-Free Salad Dressing

Often when something is "fat free" the manufacturers have to add something to compensate for missing flavour and texture. With salad dressing, they often load it up with sugar and chemical fillers to help with texture. 

3. Vegetable Chips

GOD I wish these were healthy, but they aren't. Veggie chips are deep fried and full of fat and calories. They also have tons of salt. Some brands add a bunch of potato flour to add weight - so watch out for those ones. 

4. Yogurt Parfaits

These seem healthy because they are cold and fresh and have fruit. But these tasty treats are more like dessert. Some brands are loaded with sugar (in the yogurt, fruit and the granola). We've seen some popular brands with over 400 calories and over 50 grams of sugar. That's the equivalent of 8 lollypops. 

5. Sushi

Okay, the raw fish and veggies are healthy, but you have to be careful with all that white rice. A typical sushi roll is the carb equivelant of 2-4 slices of white bread. Add anything tempura or mayo based and you're really screwed. 

6. Wasabi Peas

These are NOT a healthy alternative to potato chips. Don't be fooled by the fact that you're eating peas. They are coated with cornstarch, flour, oil, sugar, and salt. No wonder they're so addictive. One handful can easily put you past 250 calories and a whopping 240 milligrams of sodium.

7. Dried Cranberries

Next time you buy dried cranberries, check the ingredient list. You're going to be blown away. Cranberries are naturally very tart, so they need to balance the flavor out with... you guessed it, SUGAR. And a lot of it. If a small handful of fresh cranberries have 15 calories, the same amount of dried would have 125 calories. 

8. Wraps

Those thin tortillas seem like a healthy alternative to bread, but they are deceivingly high in calories, and carbs. Plus, some brands have flavors like spinach which further trick you into thinking its a health food, but in fact most spinach tortillas have less than 2% spinach. 


Oct 28, 2015

I’m gonna have to disagree with this. sushi is the bomb and white rice is not bad for you unless its bleached ( they are right mayo and tempura are a big nono!) , nor are wraps. don’t fear the carbs!

Mar 24, 2015

Dang… just had a wrap… gotta keep kn mind now :$

Dec 16, 2014

Looking forward to learning what these are all about.

Doug W.

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