Jun 13, 2022

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Jun 13, 2022

I have been dying to try skinny teatox!!!! And would absolutely LOVE the chance to do so by winning this!! I really want to test it out and get results like the ones I’ve seen on Instagram and YouTube. Crossing my fingers! (:

Jun 13, 2022

Hi! i would just like to say that i really hope i could win a chance at something like this. i think this is brilliant. there is so many ways to lose weight, and this is the most natural thing i have ever came across. i am a very natural person, so i would never use a dieting program but the thing is using natural can always be hard. this would pick up the pace so much for me. having gained 40 extra pounds from depression is a really hard thing to face. winning something like this would mean alot to me :)!!

Alyssa allard
Jun 13, 2022

i have heard so many good things about skinny tea tox! and i am so excited to try this product one day! i cant wait to see the results that everyone else saw on themselves!

dakota tenbrinke
Jun 13, 2022

“Being a student and trying to keep up with an exercise routine that you can stick to and keep up with can be hard; sometimes you need a little extra help when you have those busy days and can’t work out because of work and other things that need to get done. This can be that little extra help you need. And as long as you stay positive and keep trying your hardest, anything can be accomplished. Can’t wait to get my little extra help in the mail.”

Jun 13, 2022

I’d love to see what this mich teatox could do!

Dakota Day
Jun 13, 2022

Dying to try! Heard such great things and love your instagram!

Jun 13, 2022

I’ve just ordered my first batch and am waiting to receive!! Can’t wait!!

Amber Samson
Jun 13, 2022

I am very excited to try this tea- weather I win or not- I’ve heard it has great results, and that’s what I’m looking for!

Jun 13, 2022

I have tried other teas before but I would really like to try this one to see the difference!


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