Jul 02, 2022

I would love to win this teatox product! I’ve never tried it. I am looking forward too though.

Rachel Lang
Jun 16, 2022

So I recently tried the 14 day Skinny Teatox cleanse. I didn’t really know what to expect but was excited to try it out! I did it for the two weeks and honestly loved it. I drank a cup in the morning and then an evening tea every other night and not only was it delicious I felt energized, cleansed, and skinny. I don’t know how much weight I lost (I try not to focus on a number and focus more on how I feel) but I felt so much less bloated and sluggish. I couldn’t believe tea could do that… Overall great experience and I have to do another one right away! This time maybe a 28 day cleanse :)

Jazee Pineda
Jun 15, 2022

I have really been wanting to try skinny tea tox for a while now but unfortunately I am a broke college student. Typical, I know, but I would be very thankful to win this. I workout everyday and try to live a healthy lifestyle and skinny teatox would have get me to my fitness goal.

Miranda Henson
Jun 15, 2022

I’d love to win this! It would be the perfect preparation for summer, I’ve read so many great things about it and have wanted to try it for so long. I’d love to start a healthier life style and start clean eating for a healthier lifestyle!

Jun 15, 2022

I will really love to win this competition because I have never tried this product but I already love it! Give me a chance and I will spread the word about this awesome product!

Jun 14, 2022

I am currently doing the 14 day teatox now! Loving it so far!

Jun 14, 2022

I’ve read a lot of great things about this product and have just ordered my first 14 day teatox! I’m so excited to try it and looking forward to seeing results!

Jun 14, 2022

I’d really like to win the the Skinny Teatox, because when I purchased it and used it for the first time, I did not see any results. :( I’d love to be proven wrong & give Skinny Teatox another chance to prove that it really works!

Marina Milutinovic
Jun 14, 2022

I’m a massive bootea fan. Convert me?

Jun 14, 2022

I would love to win this! Really really really wanna try the skinny teatox!


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