5 Simple Health Hacks to Help You Lose Weight

5 Simple Health Hacks to Help You Lose Weight

It’s complicated and time consuming enough to have to meal prep healthy food, fit in your workouts and make time to stay on track with your healthy habits like drinking lemon water and sweating regularly. 

So when we can make it easier in other regards and adopt a few hacks to aid in weight loss, we certainly aren’t going to shy away from it. 

Here are 5 simple hacks to aid in your weight loss journey that won’t take a lot of extra time and effort!

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Skinny Teatox Evening Tea: The 7 Ingredients Explained

Skinny Teatox Evening Tea

If you’ve been using Skinny Teatox products for any amount of time, you may have noticed they have helped you feel cleansed and aid in detoxing your body, offering an improvement in energy, and making you feel less fatigued. 

 If you haven’t tried them, maybe it’s because you’re skeptical that it’s just another gimmick on the market, promising you short term results, or worse yet, results that don’t materialize at all, and leaving you just a little bit less in your bank account. 

The truth though, is that Skinny Teatox products are made of all natural herbs, with hundreds of years of proven benefits behind them.

In other words, people have been using these herbs straight from the earth for many years and now we’ve just conveniently put them altogether in the best combination to help you achieve the weight loss and cleansing benefits you are after. 

Skinny Teatox evening detox tea isn’t designed as a fast weight loss program, or as an alternative to eating a healthy, clean diet and regular exercise. 

Here's a deeper look into our 100% natural ingredients: 

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Skinny Teatox Morning Tea: 6 Ingredients Explained

Our Skinny Teatox morning tea is designed to be consumed the morning after you drink your evening detox tea.

The morning tea has a different ingredient line-up, with a different intent than that of the evening tea. 

It is essentially a recovery tea, created to help finish off the laxative role of the evening tea, while stimulating recovery of the digestive system and helping to remove additional toxins. 

This tea is made from a base of green tea, meaning it is perfect to use as a replacement to your coffee, and will still offer you a great energy boost to start your day. 

The combination of mint and lemon in the tea means it is soothing and calming, perfect for if you have a bit of an upset stomach or cramps from the effects of the tea the night before and two herbs which act as stress reducers. 

During your cleanse, it is important to focus on reducing overall stress, as stress will have a negative impact on your attempts to cleans and lose weight, potentially preventing you from shedding the pounds you are looking to get rid of, or simply not allowing your cells to release the toxins they have been holding on to. 

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7 Easy Ways to Shred Bra Bulge (Back Fat)

It’s summer time, which means it's bathing suit, crop top, and tank top time too!

What it isn’t time for is to have stubborn bra bulge.

You know what it is... it’s that fatty area that hangs over unattractively when trying to rock a cute strapless dress.

What’s even worse is adding back fat into the mix – it’s a problem for those trying to wear cute bathing suits or summer tops.

Well now it’s time to take charge!

Burn off the fat and build up muscle and look extremely adorable for a nice day on the beach or a night out with these 7 moves that are sure to help fight the bra bulge and back fat. 

You can also check out my favourite video on bra bulge:

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