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Skinny Teatox Meal Plan

The Skinny Teatox Meal Plan

1. I will NOT tell you to do any form of dieting or crazy exercise routine. I will however give you suggestions for how you can begin to transition into a healthier lifestyle. The change may be gradual, but drastic results will be noticed over time if you follow the suggestions I give you.

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Free Shipping to Celebrate Canada Post's Massive Rate Hike

I'm not a politician and I'm certainly no expert in managing billion dollar organizations. But I can say with certainty that Canada Post is really screwing things up lately. Worse yet, does anybody care?

Today, Canada Post announced massive widespread rate increases across all of Canada. The cost of mailing a letter yesterday was 63 cents, and today that same letter will cost $1 dollar (or 85 cents if purchased in bulk) to mail. This is a 35% increase overnight!!! This comes only a few weeks after our 147 year old Crown Corporation announced thousands of layoffs and their decision to cut door-to-door mail service (the first of any 1st world country to do so). 

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