Skinny Teatox Meal Plan

The Skinny Teatox Meal Plan

1. I will NOT tell you to do any form of dieting or crazy exercise routine. I will however give you suggestions for how you can begin to transition into a healthier lifestyle. The change may be gradual, but drastic results will be noticed over time if you follow the suggestions I give you.

2. I will recommend some different products to you that I believe will help you greatly (like a teatox), but it is completely up to you whether you choose to buy them. If you want to lose weight and get healthy, be prepared to spend a little extra money on healthy foods and whole food supplements.

3. If you find this meal plan helpful please share it with people you know that might benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Let’s get started, shall we?


Hydrating your body is the single most important thing you can do for your overall health. On a cellular level, we are made up almost entirely of water!

By drinking large amounts of water, you allow your body to eliminate the toxic waste it has accumulated from food, water, and the air you breathe. Drinking a lot of water is the most effective way to lose weight and enhance your health while making no other changes.

So, how much water should you drink?

Ideally, you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. So, for example, if you weigh 100 pounds, you should be drinking 50 ounces of water per day. That’s a little over one and a half 32 ounce water bottles.

Always make sure to carry a large water bottle with you wherever you go! Sip water throughout the day rather than drinking a lot all at once. If you are serious about becoming healthier, happier and reaching your goals, I suggest you cut out all other drinks besides water. Long story short, drink a ton of water every day!!!


This is SO, SO, SO IMPORTANT! If you are trying to lose weight, the food you eat is of far more importance than any exercise you may do.

I don’t want to downplay the importance of exercise, but I strongly believe that diet alone can drastically change your life. Many people don’t really have much of an idea what they should be eating to enhance their well-being. A lot of foods are advertised as “healthy” but always make sure to look at the ingredients before you buy.

A general rule is: the fewer ingredients, the better.

The majority of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. Most people dread eating vegetables especially, but it is important to realize that this is only because their taste buds have gotten too used to fatty and sugary foods. The more fruits and vegetables you begin to eat, the more your taste buds will adjust and the more you will enjoy eating those foods.

Eventually, you will begin to enjoy healthy foods more than the foods you were used to eating.

How many meals should I eat and when should I eat them? There is a lot of controversy about meal frequency and timing, so I would like to simplify it for you as best as possible.

I would like to start off by saying that there is really no correct or incorrect way to eat, but there are ways for you to maximize your results. The following are general rules that I have used to greatly increase my energy levels, fat burning, muscle building and overall feeling of well-being, and I believe they can help you tremendously as well....

1. Eat an easy-to-digest meal to begin the day.

Instead of eating the average breakfast of cereal or bacon and eggs, eat a liquid breakfast or something easier to digest. Protein may be one of the worst things you can eat for breakfast. It is extremely difficult to digest and will cause you to feel groggy and tired.

The truth is your body doesn’t need that much fuel in the morning. It has plenty stored up from previous days. So instead of pouring yourself that bowl of cereal, grab a piece of fruit or make yourself a delicious smoothie! These things will be extremely easy for your body to digest, so it won’t rob you of your energy. It will likely give you a TON of energy that may even surprise you.

2. Eat only when you are hungry.

This is common sense but still very important. Our body is an intelligent machine. It will tell you what it needs, so be sure to listen to it. However, sometimes our minds can get in the way and confuse us.

You may think you are hungry when really all you need is to drink to some water. You may “think” you are hungry when you don’t “feel” hungry. This is a trick of the mind. Try to listen to your body instead of your mind whenever you are aware of it. The mind will tell you what you WANT, but the body will tell you what you NEED. The key to overcoming food addiction or the tendency to overeat is to begin listening to your body as much as possible and to refrain from giving in to the desires of the mind.

3. Know about food combining.

There are certain foods that when eaten together, can cause a lot of digestive problems. Here are a few rules you should follow in regards to food combining:


  1. Avoid eating protein and starchy foods together. Examples: Meat and Potatoes; Milk and Cereal; Cheese and Bread. This combination is very common in the average American diet, which may be one of the many reasons our health as a nation is so poor. Do the best you can to limit your protein consumption, especially when combined with fatty or starchy foods.
  2. Eat fruit by itself. Fruit is actually not digested by the stomach, but by the intestines. If you eat fruit with other foods, it may get trapped in the stomach where it will rot and ferment, possibly causing you to get sick. I find that eating fruit and vegetables together works well, but avoid any other combination involving fruit.
  3. Don’t drink too much with your meal. Water is necessary for digestion, but too much can neutralize stomach acid which can cause digestion to take much longer. Limit yourself to an 8 ounce glass of water with your meals. These simple guidelines should help you begin to eat in a way that is more natural for your body. Your focus should be on providing your body with high-quality foods in the right amounts and at the right times.





May 30, 2022

This information was very helpful. I have 50 pounds to lose. Thank you.

Inez Walker
Apr 27, 2022

I’ve always been on the bigger size of the clothing rack. But I recently ordered Skinny tea and I’m excited to start this cchange. I love my body, I’ve come to accept it. But I’m ready for a healthier lifestyle. I’m nervous because I know this journey is going to be a tough one. But blogs like this help me stay on task. So I’ll start following these helpful tips while I wait for my teas to arrive. Thanks ! Hope to read more.

Mar 24, 2022

am on a slimming world diet will teatox still work

Feb 29, 2022

Can I drink the tea while on my period?

Nov 11, 2021
Hi im brest fiding my baby .its ok to have this tea.
Jul 31, 2021

Can you drink the skinny tea while your on the hcg drops

Jan 01, 2022

Need to lose weight in five months help a less 50 pounds

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