Top 10 Fitness YouTube Channels

There are so many amazing YouTubers that focus on health and fitness! 

Here's a list of the top 10 health and fitness YouTube channels that should definitely be on your subscription list:

1. Aubrey Nolan

Aubrey (better known on social media as aubernutter) has great videos ranging from in-gym workout videos to out of gym cooking and full days of eating videos.  Bonus?  A lot of her videos have cameos from her adorable dogs!

2. Jen Brett

Jen has a love for all things fitness and cinnamon buns, and has great videos discussing mental and physical health as well as promoting body positivity and not being ashamed to be true to who you are.

3. Jazmine Garcia

Jazmine is a latina from LA and Toronto who loves donuts, fruits and veggies, and lifts serious weights. 

4. Brittany Lesser

This NASM CPT is a nationally qualified bikini competitor that uploads videos including content covering bikini competition preps and workout tips.

5. Nikki Blackketter

This GymShark athlete has videos ranging between nutritional information, in-gym workouts, and competition prep.

6. Maxx Chewning

Maxx got into lifting at the age of 21, and became addicted to chasing new PR’s and feeling himself get stronger.  He’s a firm believer in IIFYM (if it fits your macros) and combines workout videos with glimpses into his style of eating.

7. Dana Linn Bailey

This is STRONG!!! Dana got her athletic start at a young age, getting involved in swimming, soccer, field hockey, and so much more!  In 2013 she went on to be the first female Olympia Physique winner.

8. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene welcomes yogis of all experience levels, body types, and genders to join her as she leads yoga sessions to address everything from stress and mood swings to weight loss and healing.

9. Jen Heward

This female athlete and owner of Life Altering Fitness INC. creates great videos that include workouts as well as information on maintaining and altering body composition.

10. Ally Stone

Ally got her start fairly early in the game.  At just 20 years old she’s already a Pardomas and GymShark athlete.

By: Kayla Harwick

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Oct 12, 2021

These workouts look amazing. Do you have any suggestions on staying consistent.


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