How to Fix your Binge Eating

How to Fix your Binge Eating

If you feel like you are stuck in the cycle of binge eating, noticing there are days or times when you just can’t seem to control your eating, you are not alone. 

Binging is more common than many people like to admit - there is indeed an element of shame that sufferers battle, and this often makes it hard to bring your binging to the forefront. 

But take solace in knowing that regardless of where you are on your health journey, there is a way to overcome binging. 

Here are four techniques for you to try:

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Are you Missing Out on These 5 Superfood Nuts and Seeds?

Are you Missing out on These 5 Superfood Nuts and Seeds?

It seems like every day we hear of a new superfood to try, a new superfood to buy, or a new nutritious ingredient we should be incorporating into our daily routine.

And while research is continually advancing and finding new foods, with new nutritional benefits, sometimes, it seems like there are just too many thing to keep track of. 

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, but still interested in trying something new, start with these six powerful nuts and seeds: 

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10 New Ways to Use Avocado

10 ways to use avocado

If you thought avocado only went as far as avocado toast, think again.  

There are so many thing to do with this delicious, healthy fat filled fruit, that you may have been missing out on the best ones.  

Get creative in the kitchen this week and try your favourite avocado friend like this:

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