Top 5 Yoga Channels on YouTube

So many fitness crazes come and go, but one that has been around for a while and is becoming very popular among the online community is yoga, and below I'm going to show you my favorite top 5 yoga channels on YouTube.

But first some background. Yoga is a Hindu, spiritual discipline said to combine the body, mind and soul through breathing, meditation and postures.

It gets better. Practicing yoga has some of the most amazing benefits! The main four that people go in for is better strength, balance, flexibility, and posture. Not only does yoga do that, other benefits include: strengthening your lungs through relaxing breathing techniques, improving heart health and boosting the immune system! My personal favorite benefit is that it helps curb unnecessary food cravings!

Now sadly, yoga classes don’t always run cheap. You can sometimes find community classes taught by instructors-in-training for less than $10, but another great way to get your daily dose of yoga (for free) is through YouTube! Along with all of the fitness channels out there, there are also yoga-specific channels. Searching for the right yoga channel isn’t always easy. Sometimes the channel doesn’t have a particular type of practice you want, or they don’t have a tutorial for a pose. Well, look no further because I’ve rounded up what I think are the top 5 yoga channels on YouTube currently, and whom they could appeal to the most.

1. Tara Stiles

If you’ve ever browsed the Livestrong Woman and BeFit YouTube channels, or heard of Strala Yoga, you’ve had to come across Tara Stiles and her yoga routines. This former dancer and model (bet you didn’t know that!) has been gracing our computer screens with yoga routines, daily updates about life and food ideas for 6 years! She even opened her own studio in New York City, Strala.

Over the past years, Tara has become one of the most popular yogis in the fitness community. Her channel ranges from giving us quick tutorials to even quicker yoga routines. That’s one of the best things about her channel. Her routines are perfect for those who may not always have a lot of free time and when given the opportunity to do yoga, want to get it done quickly and effectively. Her routines can range from 3 to 15 minutes. She gets right to the point, and allows cool downs and rests throughout or at the end of each routine. Don’t be intimidated by the semi-rapid pace of her workouts because she’s very good at breaking it down for you so that following along is easy! 

2. Yoga With Adriene

Run by Adriene Mishler, Yoga With Adriene is the perfect yoga channel for anyone new to yoga. People who have been practicing for a while can also enjoy her videos, but the reason she’s amazing for beginners is her casual and easy way of guiding you through routines. Her YouTube channel has only been around for roughly 3 years, but she’s since grown a following in the yogi community.

She’s very casual during her routines which helps make doing them a lot more fun. She occasionally jokes around while standing in tree pose and isn’t afraid of admitting that she’s still learning and growing into poses. She reminds us to be grounded in whatever it is we’re doing and is motivational throughout her videos. Doing yoga with Adriene is both effective and enjoyable. You’re not only getting discipline in finding the pose and holding still, but also enjoying this feeling of becoming connected. If you’re new to yoga, definitely check out her Beginners playlist as well as her Foundations of Yoga playlist where she gives very detailed and fun tutorials on particular poses.

3. DoYouYoga

Not only is DoYouYoga a YouTube channel, but also an online yoga magazine! However, this isn’t about yoga magazines, it’s about the top 5 yoga channels on YouTube. Their YouTube channel hasn’t been around for too long, but it has managed to become a popular one in such a short period of time. That’s most in part of their 30-Day Challenges.

Not only do they have a 30-Day Yoga Challenge taught by yogi, Erin Motz, but also offer a meditation challenge with Faith Hunter, and are currently open for signing up to a new yoga shred challenge taught by a great yogi, Sadie Nardini! All of these challenges are free and are truly something that will keep you wanting to come back for more. They cover things from backbends to stretching out the wrists to relaxation routines. Like the others listed, they do have tutorials that give you a good insight on how to do certain poses. The guidance offered through their routines is great too! The instructors are very easy to understand and work with beginners to get through some harder poses. The free challenges offered by DoYouYoga are a great way to get started into the practice, advancing with your practice, and, like the shred will, for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

4. KinoYoga

If it’s flexibility that you desire, look no further because KinoYoga is the perfect channel for you! Probably one of the most experienced and popular yogis, her channel manages to focus on yoga as a whole, offering tutorials that also cover balance and strength. She even offers a series dedicated to kids!

If you’re new or advancing in yoga, don’t worry. KinoYoga has two main playlists, Beginner and Intermediate, with over 50 yoga tutorials. Another great plus about KinoYoga is the amount of flexibility videos she has to offer. She has an entire playlist dedicated to just learning splits, as well as one for headstands. Her tutorials on strengthening your back for backbends, is also great. Her guidance is casual, fun and very professional which makes it easy to get into the poses. Her tutorials are quick and perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to get a bit flexy or just strengthen up their back and arms.

5. SarahBethYoga

For an overall nice yoga channel to follow that gives you a bit of everything like the others, SarahBethYoga is great for that. She’s been on YouTube for 4 years but really has only been giving daily to weekly videos for roughly 3. All of her videos are accompanied by music, which is occasionally distracting but for the most part very enjoyable!

She offers cute and quick tutorials, and even has a 7-day Yoga Challenge, each roughly 15 minutes long. She offers videos for all levels and has a lot of great series that range from backbends to even a routine about PMS! Her videos are a bit lengthier than the others, but they don’t feel like it due to her guiding style. As an upcoming yogi through YouTube, she’s definitely someone to follow.

Each of these instructors brings something different, whether with how they approach poses or their way of guiding us through our practice. Whether you’re looking for some soothing relaxation yoga or a quick weight loss type of routine, these are the channels to look at when searching for those videos.


Feb 02, 2022

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dating is not a statistics ball game

before getting to i tried online dating service, a person of of something like a tried to convince me to have a go by labeled it’d allow me to have a date with various fellow every evening each week, recommending up to the transparent amount of men registered in the harder birkenstock boston areas as a resistant that the internet is some candy store that comprises female can window case stow. (for those who poor it then, I already solved issue web site.)

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Dec 19, 2021

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Dec 11, 2021

the particular Perfect an automobile

the special an automobile is a crucial of several "big event, When endure for generations what the individual expectations, This can have a huge impact on a full day. at this juncture, Both the bride to be and your daughter’s groom want are crucial all the equipment happens as quite as you can be. when it doesn it can definitely fixed a damper on the expensive vacation event. following through on ones due diligence to determine which insurers were large ones as well as,while the ones that will be helpfuln fall the chances someone that end up with will a motor vehicle they can don desire. deciding on quality family car in which period is another thing that folks will need in to. in, my partner and i afford selected practices in order to choose the perfect auto.

see how many individuals possibly be carried: using a voyager noggin include is essential in order that the couple understands just how fantastic will need to be delivered in the car. This adds your data necessary to see how large of vehicle it takes. If the wedding might be a big one possibly it should be to be able to lease a better used car or truck.

obtain the Mood of the marriage: a multitude of wedding events must have troubles performing encounter in their eyes. they are completely gorgeous as well developed. anytime that is the situation, it also recommended that you find a vehicle who has a similar genuinely or even preferences. this may give the event a couple of continuity in the case of beauty

get the pricetag: can easily the couple (Or whomever often is spending money on the marriage) Has an unlimited financial budget, It will become important to determine if what ever sort of n auto you should like, must fit your finances. this can be achieved rather just. traveling to wedding machine website pages so costing the products is perhaps the most effective way to do it. doing this will let whomever know precisely how much the auto will cost without having to make you their property.

families big event is one of the leading and vital of their own residing. They is likely to like it to be the most efficient in addition to. to make sure of (because,since lowest get considerably more chances) that you should, a whole lot of occurrence has to go into it. doing exercise the main points is key, one of these is the special used suv. form of, create combined with good quality are all relevant. citizens will also need to consider the expense of reviews your car, The design of the marriage and how lots the couple will induce moving around. once they make conditions in the region of vary things, They will be ready to buy the best family car.

Nov 09, 2021

Headley’s alienated Moroccan wife gives more Mumbai links

Security agencies have been able to get an insight into an individual can life of American terror suspect David Headley, With his estranged Moroccan wife telling researchers about connections he had in Mumbai, Including which include socialites.

Faiza Outalha, exactly who, The security agencies suspect had carried out reconnaissance of certain installation that were targeted by the Lashker e Taiba terrorists in Mumbai on November 26, 2008, Told National exploration Agency (NIA) That she was married to 48 year old Headley but had the divorce later, conventional sources said.

The woman flew to Mumbai from Karachi and crossed over over Wagah border into India the second time. She had come now in 2007 and stayed with the terror suspect in Taj Mahal Hotel and later in Oberoi Trident. The terrorists specific both the hotels on 26/11.

She again came in May 2008 via Wagah and went instantly to Manali where she had her holidays near a Jewish house and later toured other parts of Shimla including Kufri, a well known tourist destination.

While she claimed that she had since been divorced as Headley was having associations with several women, The researchers also found from her about the terror suspect’s relations with some upcoming Bollywood actors, distinguished party hoppers of Mumbai and socialites.

The Moroccan woman informed the NIA sleuths that Headley’s activities in the hotel were distrustful and both of them had visited the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, A place that saw Lashkar terrorists the actual lone arrested militant Ajmal Kasab raining bullets on people.

based on her statement, The NIA team has also quizzed as a famous national in Goa who knew Headley. The US countrywide, who will not (’t) A suspect in the event, Has been hopping out and in of India and had stayed in Manali and Goa with his Russian girlfriend.

The u. s,national, who works as a masseur, Has not violated any of the visa rules of the nation and he had informed the investigators about Headley’s activities in Goa.

Another question harrassing the probe agency was how Outalha entered India through Wagah border, Which is specifically meant for Indian or Pakistani nationals. The woman is a Moroccan passport holder and could only use the route through special permission from the russian dating Pakistani foreign office.

Jan 24, 2022

I was hoping to find Fightmaster Yoga, by Leslie Fightmaster in this list. She is amazing and has been my favorite for a while. She is very good at explaining poses and also has such a soothing and beautiful voice that makes the experience of taking her classes even more pleasurable.

Monique Monteiro Almeida
Jan 23, 2022

Christmas Piano
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Jan 29, 2022

YogaWithAdriene is definitely by far my favourite! Adriene is truly a humble and grounded teacher. She doesn’t only focus on the poses, she focuses strongly about the connection with our heart, body and mind. Her teachings also includes the value of one’s spirituality as well. I just simple love her! <3

Feb 05, 2022



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