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    This is our biggest contest ever! We're giving away 5 of our most popular teatox's - the 14 Day Skinny Teatox absolutely free. Best of all, we're giving everyone up to 10 ballots EACH simply by following the instructions below. If you want the best chances of winning, write a blog post about Skinny Teatox, include a link to our homepage and then submit the URL down below... that alone will you give 5X ballots to enter. Good luck everyone! 

    CONTEST: Enter to Win 1 of 5 FREE 14 Day Teatox's

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    • Rachael Rose says...

      I’ve been dying to try this tea detox craze, and skinny teatox definitely stands out to me as the top brand I want to try! Can’ wait :)

      On March 22, 2022

    • tiffany says...

      me and my sister have been trying lots of things still in the middle of a workout program but she found this thought it would work might review this on our blog if it does so worth a try.

      On March 22, 2022

    • Heather says...

      Being a full-time student and working full time during college can be rough, sometimes a nice pick-me-up is what I need to get me through my long days. I also manage to squeeze in gym time regularly and this would really help to maximize my results!

      On March 21, 2022

    • Magic says...

      I’m a senior in highschool, and I would love this extra boost in my weight loss plan for graduation in two months.

      On March 19, 2022

    • Ashley says...

      I’ve heard amazing reviews from this product and I desperately want to try it! Especially with summer coming up. I need a kick start to getting fit!

      On March 19, 2022

    • Shannon says...

      I would love to try Skinny Teatox! This product seems amazing :)

      On March 19, 2022

    • Zero says...

      im a highschool senior who wants to become more fit in time for graduation. I would really appreciate this chance to help myself lose some weight.

      On March 19, 2022

    • Caroline Park says...

      As a teenager, I am in love with food. It is what relieves my stress, something my friends and I just do when we’re bored, and I just love sweets and delicious treats. However, when this gets paired with my lack of sleep, stress, drama, and other things, it builds up into fat. Just a year ago, I was skinny, healthy, and happy. After a nasty bout of bullying and high school, I quickly gained 20 pounds in just one year, and became disappointed in myself and body. My self esteem dropped, and I was so devastated. I began following more thinspiration blogs on tumblr, and healthy eating/exercise instagrams. Then, I came across a review for a teatox. I did some more research, and I found that this could be just what I need! I love tea, and I eat moderately healthy. I could use the extra boost in the morning, and I have a bit of a stomach problem due to stress, so the colon cleanse could help me with that as well. I was so excited, and then I saw the price and shipping. I’m only a fifteen year old, how could I possibly afford that, and then convince my parents to let me spend my money on it? They are very against “fads” and “fakes” online because they had tried quite a few before. I started building my arsenal, compiling reviews to send to them. Eventually, they caved in, and said that if I could afford it or get it, they would support me and help me clean my eating up. Money is a bit of a problem in my household, so when I saw this offer for a free 14 day teatox, I was elated.

      On March 19, 2022

    • Paige J says...

      I really want to try this product, especially with prom coming up!

      On March 18, 2022

    • Bunny says...

      Loving the skinny teatox

      On March 18, 2022

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