Sep 25, 2021

I have never had Skinny Teatox your webage is amazing and I would love to try it for the first time

Elizabeth Bogopolskiy
Mar 13, 2022

My senior trip is quickly approaching and I have yet to lose the weight for it, I’m too chubby for my bathing suit at the moment, trying to get that under control

Mar 12, 2022

Prom is coming up and so I want to look great in my dress. I already go to the gym 5 days a week and am working on making my diet clean as well. This will be a great way I initiate change in my lifestyle. I work two jobs plus am a full time student and have my own ends to meet for my family. it would be amazing if I got the opportunity to try this for free and prove to my parents that it actually works so I could continue using it for another 28 days.

Mar 11, 2022

For a long time I’ve wished to begin a new life in my career, my personal life but especially to be satisfied by my inner and outside self. I hope that Teatox will give me the kick start I need.

Mar 07, 2022

I have been looking at the results on the teatox and find them outstanding. I have had a hip injury for the past 9 months and was told I couldnt exercise or do any workouts until it heals. I wanna get in better shape but have no way to. I’m hoping to try the teatox and eat cleaner and hopefully see a difference in the way I look. I have bills throughout the month and dont have enough extra money to spend yet but even if I don’t win this competition I’m planning on purchasing this teatox. ♥

Mar 06, 2022

I would love to try this because I’ve been struggling with my weight for 6 years and this might be what I need to calm my appetite.

Mar 06, 2022

I would really love to try this tea, it sounds amazing and im sure it’ll work.

coraima pecina
Mar 06, 2022

I’ve been barreling with my weight for 4 years now and even though i work out 4 days a week and eat healthy i need an extra boost to help me lose the weight i need to lose ! Please pick me !

Leticia almeida
Mar 06, 2022

I would love to win :) & I hope I do pls choose me :D I need to get back in shape after I had my son, I am only 18 and I don’t want to stay fat I want to be the way I was before and get healthy :) pls choose me :) I love your products and I would love to try them and leave good reviews :)

Mayra Garcia
Mar 06, 2022

I myself have actually done this before my parents got me some and I loved it. My flatmate is trying to go on a detox and healthy living and trying to lose weight, she doesn’t believe me that this works wonderfully, so I would love to prove her wrong (:

Michelle McKay

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