10 Easy Steps to Get Perfect Skin


Out of all of the beauty goals women may have, there is one that most – if not all – try to achieve, and it’s clear skin.

Having healthy skin is one of the biggest confidence boosts a woman can get, but sometimes the simple things in our life are holding us back from achieving it. Things like stress, lack of sleep, poor diets, and even excessive drinking and smoking, can cause our skin to loose its luster.

The best way to reverse any damage done to your skin, and get on the track to healthy and perfection, is by reversing any of the bad habits one may have now. Though it’s easier said, it’s not always easier done which leads us to products and lifestyle changes that can help get you on the track to clear skin.

Here are 10 easy steps that will give you perfect skin:


It’s already known that drinking at least a liter of water a day gives us amazing benefits not only to our mental health, but physical health. By drinking water daily, we rid our bodies of toxins, and help keep our skin hydrated. This is important because to avoid wrinkles, and dry skin, we need to keep our bodies hydrated.


Tea is the almighty beneficiary to our lives. Whether you consume green tea daily, or chamomile, the list of benefits one will reap from tea is long. Skinny Teatox currently has Drink Me Tea, which offers many different remedies to different desires one has – including a delicious loose-leaf Clear Skin Tea! All ingredients within this tea help our bodies rid itself of impurities, and promote healthy skin by supplying our bodies with antioxidants and vitamins.


The sun is a fantastic source of vitamin D, but staying out too long can cause serious damage to the skin in the long run. To avoid serious sunburn, and the risk of developing skin cancer in the future, make sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. Most BB creams supply SPF 15 within their serum, and if one is nervous about continuously breaking out from the use of sunscreen, check out this article about some skin friendly options.


Clearly being active gives our bodies too many benefits to even list. However, one that is worth mentioning is that when we exercise we’re increasing our heart rate and our oxygen flow. Doing that helps rid our bodies of toxins and keeps our skin looking youthful and healthy.

Healthy Foods

This is another understandable tip to help achieve clear skin. If you’re consuming greasy foods, you’re supplying your body with an excessive amount of oil, which can cause more breakouts. Along with that, sometimes foods with high amounts of sugar in them can be harmful to our skin by weakening it. Try to focus on low sugar foods, healthy fats, vitamin c enriched foods, and foods with high amounts of antioxidants.

Don’t Pick

We’ve all been there, the volcano is ready to go but instead of letting it erupt naturally or simply trying to treat it naturally, we pick and pop. That is our first mistake, because popping them can lead to so many issues: scars, infections, or even more pimples due to the bacteria from the original culprit. If possible, try at home remedies such as steaming or if it is a pesky pimple go see a dermatologist.


Exfoliating is the underrated skin care routine. Yet, it is one of the most vital. By exfoliation regularly we are helping our skin to shed away any dead cells – thus clearing us up and making our skin fresh and glowing. If possible, try to exfoliate at least once a week.


Beauty sleep is real, and is extremely vital to having healthy skin. Having a not-so restful night can lead to those awful “raccoon eyes,” so if possible, try to get at least seven hours of sleep. Not only will this help with the dark circles under those eyes, but also sleeping helps with ridding our bodies of toxins and keeping our bodies fresh and glowing.

Stress Less

So much easier said than done, but another important thing to consider when getting the flawless skin look. Stress pimples are real, so find an outlet for your stress. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, or even taking up yoga, and writing, finding that inner peace will help ease daily stresses and eventually those breakouts.

No Touching

Along with the picking of pimples, try to avoid touching your face excessively. Our hands carry many different types of bacteria that can be given to us from money, or other items we come across daily. Then, after touching those and touching our faces, we’re transferring whatever oils or bacteria found on those onto our faces.

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)

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