Sep 13, 2021

I would love to get her kyshadows and matte lipkits!!

Sep 13, 2021

I have been trying to purchase items from Kylie’s makeup line and they are always sold out it seems like.

Christine Herrera
Sep 13, 2021

omg i’d love to win! i would buy so many lipkits! ?

Sep 13, 2021

I would love to win this as I’ve been low on money for a while now and it would be great to be able to treat myself and try out kylies lip kits, shadows, eyeliners and glosses!

Holly Matthews
Sep 13, 2021

I would love to win because who doesn’t love makeup?

tina mccallum
Sep 13, 2021

I would love to try these! My daughter (she’s 19) is obsessed with this line and the colors look gorgeous on her but i would love to own this for myself :) the colors are so perfect too!

Nicole Acuna
Sep 13, 2021

This would be an awesome prize to win. Best of both makeup and tea.

Nicole Williams
Sep 13, 2021

I’d buy lots of makeup if I won

Karli Nagy
Sep 13, 2021

If I won, I would buy some gifts for my mom and myself for this Christmas! She loves matte lipsticks and always wants to try on new makeup but good makeup can be expensive.

Sep 13, 2021

I have wanted to try these so bad! but with shipping its too much. So excited


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