5 Unusual Ways Stress is Hurting You

5 Unusual Ways Stress is Hurting You

If you are running around with a busy job all the time, dealing with kids, trying to balance home and work and family and a social life, you are probably just a little bit stressed out. 

Add to that the daily stressors like traffic, weather, cooking and meal prep and handling issues that arise at home, and it’s no wonder we are permanently stressed. 

But this isn’t a good thing. 

In fact, stress may be the root cause of several underlying health issues.

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4 Ways to Detox in 2019

4 Ways to Detox in 2017

Whether you want to start out healthy before the year even starts, or you are looking to make plans for January and the start of your new year’s resolutions, detoxifying the body and aiding the digestive system is a good place to start. 

Not only does detoxing have a big role to play in the body in terms of digestion, but also has an affect on everything from your mood and emotions to your energy and weight. 

This year, start things off right with these simple methods of detoxification:

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